1. S

    Dual Streaming PC setup Q's

    So I want to see if I can make dual PC setup and stream... I'd like to see if my hardware can handle it and a couple of Q's. PC 1) Gaming rig PC 2) Second stationary PC PC 3) Laptop alternative So questions: 1) Does my secondary hardware have enough to be a streaming rig? Games that would...
  2. T

    Playing and Recording Minecraft Java Issues on MP M2 Max

    Hello, I am trying to play and record Minecraft Java on my MacBook Pro M2 Max. However, I am having some serious issues with the settings I have chosen. My recordings end up looking like a slideshow. My MacBook is pretty beefy in it specs, so I did not think it would have very many issues...
  3. SychosisPatient

    F-Zero 99

    Can anyone tell me why a game like F-Zero 99 at 6000 can't be streamed in good quality 1080 60fps? Quality I get is very poor. I can stream Diablo IV at true 1080 and get a great picture quality.
  4. A

    unable to capture Worms Ultimate Mayhem

    When I try to capture Worms Ultimate Mayhem it just shows a black screen, other games works fine but for some reason I cant get OBS to work with worms.
  5. 2

    Large FPS in game hit while streaming single PC

    Hi everyone, dont know if this is in the right place but I need some advice after trying various methods across youtube and different help forums I am still at a stand still. I have been trying to stream call of duty warzone 2 and have hard hits on my in game fps. I get around a 50fps loss...
  6. N

    mw2 crashing with new obs 29.0.2 loggs make no sense....

    here's the mind fuck of this all, the log file for obs seems ok I've analyzed it myself, ill link below. how ever when i check the mw2 crash log it list's 2 other programs as the issue. One was armory crate related and the other was antares central something, see for your self, HOW EVER, when i...
  7. kanciapagamingroom

    Single bigger M2 or M2 + SSD?

    Hey guys! I am going to buy a new disk for my PC mostly for games and records. I want to buy M2 1TB. I wonder if it is big mistake to use this disk for gaming and recording at the same time to the same disk. Or it would be better to buy M2 500GB + SSD 500GB and use M2 for gaming and SSD for...
  8. E

    my OBS connection dies as soon as i open certain games, but it is okay in others

    So I mainly stream minecraft java and there is never a connection error, even when there is, it gets fixed almost immediately or it is directly caused by my internet, but when i try to stream other games that don't require connection like Fnaf Pizzeria simulator or Terraria, my connection...
  9. DocDoesGaming

    Mic crackles/cuts out (only) when recording game

    Hi everybody! My OBS records fine as long as I'm not running any game, but the audio from my mic gets chopped up once I'm running one. I haven't found any solution to this yet, anyone got similar issues? I've been using this mic with OBS for a while and have never run into this issue before...
  10. KeatonBuddy

    OBS bitrate TANKS when running Raid Shadow Legends and Raid shadow legends only

    When I am streaming, and I launch Raid shadow legends, my bitrate tanks to around 0-100 and then when I close the game it fixes itself. This is the only game I have this issue with. Any help would be appreciated. I reinstalled the game and the launcher and that did not work. I restarted my...
  11. sonicgalaxy27

    Video file lagging issues

    Well, I may have solve the out of sync problem in OBS software 2 months ago, but now, I'm having some serious trouble with the lags now in my video file. Every time I record my new game Pokémon Legends and save my recording, the video file that I save just started lagging for no reason. Yes this...
  12. B

    Recording Dropping Frames on Game That Worked before.

    About a month ago, I used OBS to record a game for 2 hours. It worked fine, aside from some quality drops here and there. To fix the quality drops, I changed a few settings (I don't remember exactly which). Since then, even changing the settings I can remember back, and optimizing things (e.g...
  13. antututhoi

    Please recommend me best setting for recording with my low end laptop

    Hello guys Im playing FPS games and want to record some gameplay but im having some issues: - everytime i start record, the game freeze and take around 10s to go back to normal, this only happen in the first record, when i stop record and start again, the game doesnt freeze anymore - the audio...
  14. sonicgalaxy27

    Game audio out of Sync in OBS while recording my gameplay on NS

    Hello everyone. I have solve some problems with the laggy stuff in the video file in OBS and it seems like its ok honestly. I just need to resize my windows screen by being the same size for the OBS screen. yeah. Now I have a small issue. Can anyone tell me how to fix a game audio that is out of...
  15. S

    Need help

    So i was trying obs for the first time and i realized obs stop recording the game when i alt+tab out of the game, is there any way so the obs keep recording meanwhile i alt+tab so i can check chat etc meanwhile people that watch me didnt see that the screen was frozen
  16. G

    Mobile Streaming

    Is the Core i5 4570 good for mobile game streaming? I have a Lenovo PC with a i5 4570 and 10 Gigs of Ram and I’m trying to stream my mobile gaming at 1080p
  17. X

    Low FPS Playing ONLY CS:GO???

    Hi, I can currently stream Rust more than fine on medium settings at around 80 FPS, However When I'm playing CS:GO without streaming I get usually 300 FPS, The moment I boot up my stream it drops to like 130 FPS and my Hz feels like shit, I have a 240Hz Monitor also. Operating System...
  18. H

    Streaming problem when using OBS

    A couple days ago I tried streaming the dolphin emulator with OBS but as soon as I left the OBS window, it would stop streaming my screen, any help?
  19. J

    Trying to record on second monitor through separate source

    Alright I’m going to try and explain this the best I can, appreciate all the help in advance. Recently I built my own arcade cabinet with a pandora box.. I want to start recording some runs of old games but can’t even seem to get obs to detect monitor 2. So my arcade monitor has 2 sources, vga...
  20. N

    NVIDIA NVENC H.264 cqr sutter

    I was finding youtube videos to make my videos more higher quality than my past videos. I watched a video where a youtuber showed me how to encode my video more better. I follow his steps changing the rate control from CBR to CQP. My game and preview was fine when the video exported the video...