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    Question / Help OBS causing screen-tearing on Full-screen applications..

    Hey, So I've had this problem for a while now! When I open my games or programs in fullscreen they work perfectly no screen tearing at all.. However, as soon as OBS is launched they all start to screen-tear! I don't know what information is needed but I will gladly post anything needed! ( I...
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    Question / Help Washed out colors in video?

    Recently downloaded OBS Studio and I've adjusted my settings accordingly. Recording is smooth, gameplay is smooth, CPU is fine and data usage on recorded footage is superb. Biggest issue I'm facing, however, is that that colors in recorded footage appear washed out and I don't know what to do in...
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    Question / Help Stream Looks better then recording

    I typically stream in 720p60 with a bit rate of 5000 to twitch, however I have streamed 1080p60 and it works fine. When I try to record videos with OBS though, I end up with a very low quality product that lags and is very pixelated. The bitrate I use for videos and have tested was about 30000...
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    Ban fase in CSGO?

    Im going to stream a lot of csgo matches that a team i know is going to participate in. Does anyone have a good suggestion on how to make the "ban fase" of maps before the game nice and neat? Im new to streaming and i dont know a good solution for this.