Streameta - Tournament Stream Controller

Free Streameta - Tournament Stream Controller

Streameta Controller
Streameta is a controller for overlays, VODs and data on competitive gaming streams.
  • Mobile phone control
  • Tailored controls for singles, doubles and crew battles
  • Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android
  • Works in all major web browsers
  • Connects to OBS through the websocket plugin

Streameta Overlays
Overlays can change based on the
tournament, game, event or scene.
  • Quick start template
  • Full customization

Streameta Highlighter
  • Automatically split up VODs into sets on Twitch
  • Export sets to YouTube and publish in the correct order
  • Titles and descriptions can be automatically generated in any format

Streameta is currently in beta. Sign up here.
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Latest updates

  1. Streameta Update 0.9.0: Maps!

    A new Drafting page for players to pick and ban maps Enable map selection for your overlays...
  2. Streameta Update 0.8.0: Extra OBS Functionality

    - Start/stop set can now start/stop an OBS recording with the correct title - A save replay...
  3. Streameta Update 0.7.0: Games Page!

    There is a new games page: Submit new games or additions to current...