1. rajuRastogi

    Use OBS studio on a remote machine(ec2 instances)?

    Hi How can I use obs studio on a remote machine like aws ec2 instances? My problem statement is - I will send a request to the server that will start a terminal game. I want to stream this game to the rtmp url. Now, with the remote machine, how do I setup obs such that it is always capturing...
  2. KingKong77

    Free OBS Virtual Deck 1.0.1

    Who have never dreamed of a Virtual Deck to control your OBS Streaming? The Virtual Deck offers the possibility to switch remotely (from iPhone or iPad) all the scenes in OBS. Very easy to run (just 2 steps) VS the other apps which require tons of installs or setup. 1 - Install the App 2 -...
  3. E

    Help: Best way to control OBS at home, via a remote access phone away from home ?

    I bought an online workshop but only after buying it realized I will be travelling on that day. I may not be able to get a refund. So I'm trying to figure out a plan B: Can I use a remote access app on my phone (android) to control my PC laptop at the hotel, while I am away, and use OBS to...
  4. S

    Remote play-by-play for sports broadcasts?

    I use OBS mainly to produce live sports broadcasts. I have spoken to a number of clients who are located a good distance away from me who are interested in my services, but don't have the funds to sponsor my travel to their games. They have asked if I can do play-by-play from my office over...
  5. P

    start/stop obs from a command line

    there is a github package called obs cli that use the command line interface to manipulate the obs data such as stream title, start, stop, record and whatever but it didn't work under most recent versions. i am interesting in automating with shorcuts under my...

    Non-Free - The Best Way to Bring Remote Guests into OBS

    Content creation is hard. Creating with your friends is even harder. We built Ping to make bringing on guests as easy as copy-pasting into OBS. Create your room To get started, sign up for your trial on Ping The URL you choose during setup is the URL you'll be sending to guests to join your...
  7. C

    Free Fully Remote Control Manager scene selector for Open Broadcaster (OBS) 1.0

    This project allows Open Broadcaster (OBS) scene selection to be remotely controlled via a standard web browser. Now you can control the active scene in OBS from a phone, tablet, or other device anywhere in the world from any web browser on any network without having to open any ports on a...
  8. DimOkGamer

    Free OBS Notifier 1.3.0

    This is a simple program for displaying notifications from OBS on your desktop. Currently only Windows is supported. Does not display notifications in the form of overlays (such applications are usually banned in game anti-cheats). This program will be useful if you have multiple monitors, or...
  9. L

    Control OBS from other PC with a StreamDeck

    Hi everyone, I need a hand I have a PC that a friend of mine is streaming with, and he asked if I can help him out by managing his OBS from my home. Premise, we have a LAN - LAN VPN with two FRITZ! Boxes, so we can reach each other locally without problems and with very little latency. That...
  10. P

    Noob: Question about video source in one location, audio commentary in another

    So we use OBS to stream travel/high school hockey games on our YouTube channel. Typically my partner and I are in the rink together, he runs the camera and I do play by play. wondering if there’s a way for him to be in a rink with the video cam and laptop and me be at home where I would get...
  11. YorVeX

    Free xObsSimpleHttpControl - Simple HTTP/URL control for OBS v1.1

    D̲e̲s̲c̲r̲i̲p̲t̲i̲o̲n̲ This tool acts as a simple HTTP gateway to the obs-websocket interface. The idea is that more tools can trigger simple HTTP interfaces instead of opening a websocket connection and sending JSON. Also from user perspective it's easier to use, because formatting URL query...
  12. L

    Stopping several recordings/streamings remotely on several PCs

    Hi! I have a specific need. We are using OBS on 16 Windows PCs, to record and stream. I am using the following launch parameters: --scene Scene1 --startstreaming --startrecording which allows me to start OBS just as needed. I am using a proprietary software that allows me to launch a Shell...
  13. D

    Remote Control for Audience

    Hey! I'm quite new to OBS and especially to this forum, so I'm very sorry if this question might be dumb or useless... And additionally I'm not a native speaker so please forgive me if I do mistakes... My request: I'm hosting a trivia game quite similar to a pub quiz. I'm streaming this using...
  14. YorVeX

    Free xObsRemoteStats - "Stats" window for remote OBS instances v1.3

    This tool mimics the original "Stats" window in OBS (View -> Stats from main menu) but shows data from a remote OBS instance using WebSockets. I have written it for myself to be able to see the stats window on my streaming PC, which is in a different room than my main PC. L̲i̲m̲i̲t̲a̲t̲i̲o̲n̲s̲...
  15. A

    streaming IP camera

    I managed to stream my IP camera with OBS. (by using 'rtsp://admin:password@IP:554/stream1' in MEDIA SOURCES). Now I'm looking for a way for someone to stream my IP camera from their place. Would that be even possible?
  16. M

    Roland vr 50hd multi camera

    Hi! For the first time i will next week use a roland vr50hd for streaming and i got some questions on how to connect everything to get my setup going. Gear - 2 dslr cameras - Thinkpad t490 - obs run here - macbook pro for teams call - 2 shure wireless microphones - elgato stream deck - speaker...
  17. M

    Roland VR-50HD setup

    wrong forum sorry. posted in windows support.
  18. TheLostExplorer

    Can I use both an Elgato Stream Deck and Lioranboard Stream Deck?

    I recently started working with Lioranboard and it's amazing. I also have the Elgato Stream Deck Mobile app. I'm trying all options but when I went to link my Elgato Stream Deck it says my Elgato Remote Control plugin is now missing. Also, in, when I drop down the tools menu, I no...
  19. Alexik

    Scripts Remote Control

    I need to connect my scripts with remote controller. I see an web interface or desktop applications which contains some buttons which i can click to send signals to my obs scripts. And on reactions on that this scripts will call some functions declared on this signals. What are there known...
  20. cvhvisuals


    cvhvisuals submitted a new resource: OBSwitcher - Get control of your streams - iOS controller Read more about this resource...