Noob: Question about video source in one location, audio commentary in another


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So we use OBS to stream travel/high school hockey games on our YouTube channel.

Typically my partner and I are in the rink together, he runs the camera and I do play by play.

wondering if there’s a way for him to be in a rink with the video cam and laptop and me be at home where I would get the video feed, do the play by play based on what I’m seeing, and then push it out on YouTube so that the video and audio are synced up.


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Yes, definitely possible, though admittedly more complex/complicated
First, what is the camera? And what is your plan to get that content transmitted (presumably over Internet)?
There is the free Another option would be NDI remote. And there are other options as well (numerous discussions in this forum if you search on remote source)

I'm assuming you are livestreaming vs recording (maybe editing) and uploading?
One thing to recognize is if you are livestreaming, now you are dependent on bandwidth and jitter consistency of upstream traffic (from OBS PC to YouTube). In the scenario you are talking about, you will have
- remote site to you
- your download link
- then your upload link to YouTube (if livestreaming, low criticality if uploading at leisure

And recognize that video quality will most likely be degraded, as I'm assuming a compressed video stream from source to you, where it is then uncompressed and added as source in your OBS, the re-compressed again for recording/streaming. Audio sync is a non-issue as you are commenting live (and presumably audience isn't seeing your lips).

Now, maybe what you were thinking was
- remote site to you and YouTube simultaneously, and you adding an audio overlay onto video? This *may* be possible but I doubt it (for basic security reasons). YouTube would then be doing compositing, which I'm not aware of. They take a single audio/video feed.
so feel free to research, but I doubt natively you'll pull this off.
- BUT, might something like or similar cloud streaming service allow you to have camera at 1 IP address, and mic at another, and combine them?? ie, basically running an OBS like service in the cloud? though, as you noted, then you'll have to test and account for latency (with video latency, being over Internet, likely to be more than when local). I'd assume this is doable, though I don't personally have any experience with such (so no idea of cost).