Remote play-by-play for sports broadcasts?


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I use OBS mainly to produce live sports broadcasts. I have spoken to a number of clients who are located a good distance away from me who are interested in my services, but don't have the funds to sponsor my travel to their games. They have asked if I can do play-by-play from my office over their video feed. I know that vMix has a built in feature for this, and it's also possible with Wirecast, but can I accomplish this in OBS, and if so, how?

My ideal setup would be as follows, but I don't know if this is possible: The video feed from the client is fed into OBS on my system, I do commentary over it as I see it happening, and the stream is put out on my YouTube channel or whatever platform they want it on.

If they are streaming the event from their location, I need to know how to sync the video and my commentary so it doesn't sound like I'm five or 10 or however many seconds behind the action.


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How reliable is the internet connection, end-to-end? One dropped connection mid-game might be enough to convince them to fly you on-site!

That said, your primary concern, as you suggested, is going to be latency. And if you're running across the public internet with who-knows-how-many hops in between that don't care any more for your traffic than anyone else's, you'll probably have to use a protocol that does have 10 seconds' worth of buffer or so, just to be able to re-transmit what WILL be lost, and piece the buffer all back together before the playhead gets to it.

So the question is not, "how do I remove the latency," but rather, "how do I line everything up again, that far behind the action?" And the answer is simply to delay everything else by whatever it takes to match a bulletproof round-trip. If they can't do that, they need to get you (or someone) on-site. Period.