sports broadcasting

  1. A

    Centering Text

    Hello everyone! I run a sports broadcast network and used OBS for a year on Windows with great success! We've switched to Macs and are having issues designing graphics. Is there a real way to center text like numbers for scorebugs? I've tried many methods to no avail. Thank you!
  2. R

    Sports Events Broadcast with a Budget PC

    Hello everyone, I'm reaching out to seek your assistance in finding entry-level solutions for amateur clubs to broadcast their youth teams. I understand that quality comes at a price, but this project aims to help clubs with very limited budgets upgrade their broadcasting capabilities. That's...
  3. F

    Live stream sports from phone

    Hello, I will go to the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix and the Formula 1 Austrian GP next year. I am planning to live stream parts of it. FlatKrant is a small news site so we do not have 50 subscribers wich you need to broadcast on a mobile phone. That is why is was looking for a way to connect my...
  4. G

    Sports Streaming Crowd Noise

    Hi everyone, I can't capture crowd noise in my football stream, can anyone help? I'm currently using Zoom Podtrack P4 as my audio input capture, one of my mic is the crowd noise mic. However, it sounded like we're recording in the game with no crowd, no band, no cheer leaders etc. Any...
  5. andrecoste

    Free (With Signup) Basket Score: real-time scoreboard for your live sports streaming

    Basket Score is a new platform that allows you to make professional live streaming by creating a custom board that shows all the information about the game in real time. Thanks to this tool it is possible to score points, fouls, timeouts and quarters of the game, so as to make the viewer’s...
  6. S

    Remote play-by-play for sports broadcasts?

    I use OBS mainly to produce live sports broadcasts. I have spoken to a number of clients who are located a good distance away from me who are interested in my services, but don't have the funds to sponsor my travel to their games. They have asked if I can do play-by-play from my office over...