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I'm quite new to OBS and especially to this forum, so I'm very sorry if this question might be dumb or useless... And additionally I'm not a native speaker so please forgive me if I do mistakes...

My request:
I'm hosting a trivia game quite similar to a pub quiz. I'm streaming this using OBS's virtual cam to zoom meetings. For that purpose I needed a buzzer button for the audience to "virtually" push. I know that there are several options online offering those buzzers in a web browser like for example cosmobuzz.net. And of course I could add a browser source in my scene showing the cosmobuzz host view to show the audience who buzzered first and so on. But this looks quite cheap and as I have my own design I obviously would love to have a visible signal and a sound to show up when the buzzer is pushed fitting this specific design. For that I added a buzzer sound and a visual sign in my scene. With my own OBS remote control (I am using Touch Portal) I can now easily make these sources visible or hide them by pressing one button - what I would love to have now is a way that audience can do that too. So maybe using the obs websocket to have a web adress where audience can type in my local id and the server port so that they have their own little "streaming deck" (in this case it would be one button only) to show/hide these specific sources.

I'm sorry, if there is already a way to make this work so this request is obsolete but I searched the internet and couldn't find a proper solution for this...

It would be great if any of you could help me here and I'm already thankful for your answers!


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looking for something like this as well. Have you found anything? I've been screen recording quizshow.io for now.