1. N

    Webcam troubles

    Since I've uninstalled OBS my webcam does not work. I've managed to make it work again in Photo Boot but in the browser there is still OBS virtual camera and it does not work. What should I do?????
  2. zovastria

    Browser Dock Crashes

    I have attached the latest log and crash log. I recently switched audio devices to a mixer (focusrite Scarlett 2i2) and after the restart I'm getting issues with my OBS. Specifically, browser based docks, build in, or custom, are crashing OBS. When the browser based docks are disabled, it runs...
  3. Gzalotar

    Browser Source: can I detect events taking place inside the website?

    Concretely speaking, I want a scene to automaticallly change for another one if certain thing happens in a website, one that its content is shown in a Browser Source. Is this posible with some sort of macro or script? I'm familiar with the existence of Event Listeners in JavaScript but IDK how...
  4. C

    Make Alerts trigger a second browser sources

    As example, I need that when someone becomes a new follower, together with the normal browser source from stream labs, also the appearance of a second browser source is triggered (even just to refresh the second browser source would be sufficient). Is it possible?
  5. A

    Open a browser window (not a dock)

    For a filter plugin, I would like to open a new window on the press on a button in the filter's properties. Is there any (simple?) way to do that ? I couldn't find any doc about this. Thanks !
  6. hieunekodesu

    I cant using obs browser source with localhost flask website

    this is my code from selenium import webdriver from import By from flask import Flask, jsonify, render_template, request import time url = "" driver = webdriver.Chrome() driver.get(url) stages = driver.find_element(By.XPATH...
  7. N

    Blur aero effects in the browser of OBS

    I am going to use the browser in OBS to display the overlay graphics like this: The graphics have a "glass" effect. This means (1) the graphics have transparent and (2) the area in the below layer is BLURRY. (1) could be solved by using the browser in OBS. But I have difficulty to do (2)...
  8. C

    Control audio via OBS for Alerts causes audio glitching

    Hello~! So, I've been experimenting with OBS for the first time and I've been working on setting it up for some streaming I plan on doing in the near future with some friends. I've run into a couple of issues and this is the one I'm currently focusing on and trying to resolve. Only, I've run...
  9. B

    Browser Source Extensions

    Hi! I have a Chromium browser extension. However, I didn't find any related chromium command line switch to install / pass it. Are there any ideas of how to make that possible i.e. provide path/to/folder with unpacked extension on .crx file? Thanks!
  10. 238samixd

    Browser source cannot display videos/gifs/canvas on localhost

    Hello, I am creating a layout for stream with some animations. I tested it all on my firefox browser and it all was fine but when I try to use browser in the OBS, it displays all html besides video, canvas, image with a gif source (other work fine). Then I realised it could be a chromium error...
  11. YorVeX

    xObsBrowserAutoRefresh - Timed automatic browser source refreshing v1.1

    xObsBrowserAutoRefresh OBS plugin providing a filter for automatically refreshing a browser source in a configurable interval. Prerequisites OBS 29+ 64 bit Windows tested only on Windows 10, but Windows 11 should also work Linux occasionally tested, but not regularly binary build created...
  12. L

    Do Browser captures that are hidden/in unused scenes impact performance?

    Hello, I've got a OBS profile with a large number of browser captures spread across several scenes, however only one is ever being displayed at a time. I'm just wondering if having these captures in the profile impacts performance even if they are currently hidden? Thanks, Levy
  13. H

    Best setup for recording Internet Tab

    Hi, I'm recording a video where I'm trying to capture an Internet tab - the desirable quality I want to achieve is at least HD but no matter what settings I use the small details seem to be blurred. I'm gonna use the material to create Youtube content. Here's an example that's the image from my...
  14. M

    OBS crashes (potentially browser dll?)

    Hello everyone, I am really lost. I updated my OBS and now it just crashes whenever I do anything in OBS, if I add a source it crashes, if I switch scenes it crashes, if I even attempt to close OBS, it throws the error/crash screen. Is it safe to post the logs? When I looked a bit more into it...
  15. D


    what to do so that when using another application, the video on YouTube will continue to show the picture (for example, for streaming obs) in a minimized browser
  16. .norman.

    Free Current Live Weather and Time overlay 2022-10-02

    Real time weather and current time - stream overlay for OBS Live "up-to-the-minute" Weather Display with Current Time. (updates once a minute) This requires a free account with Sign-up here (I chose OpenWeatherMap for the API because of their generous calls/month...
  17. webcamcals

    Crash Immediately Upon Opening OBS - Seems to be related to Browser Source?

    I've been having an issue with every version of OBS since 27.1.3, where it crashes immediately when I open it. I have a pretty complicated setup and assumed it was related to plugins I use or something, but I gave OBS v28 a chance and looked at the log file, and it seems like it has to do with...
  18. CZakarya

    browser source not playing audio

    Hello, I have a browser source in my OBS scene, and it is supposed to play audio. It shows that it is playing audio with the volume meter, but I don't hear it. I turned on audio monitoring, but there was a massive amount of latency. I cannot live with this latency, it needs to be fixed. Any...
  19. J

    Browser source stops rereshing after a while

    Hi, I have a radio station stream: The radio show on top comes from this url: The Sponsor carroussel on exterior cam comes from this url: After a while the sponsor carroussel...
  20. J

    browser error. please help me

    When I select the browser from the resources tab in obs studio it looks hollow. please help me and sorry for my bad english.