1. SeanStiny

    OBS 27.1.1 Browser Opacity Broken

    Hi! I have some partially transparent overlays in OBS that no longer work as intended in OBS 27.1.1 Browser transparency appears to be much brighter than it should be since updating. Here is how my overlay looks in Chrome and in OBS 27.0.1 (Working as intended) and here is how it looks in...
  2. S

    Browser Source disappearing behind Display/Game Source

    So Hello i need Help (Obviously) with my OBS, i did set up an Alert Box from Streamlabs and it works Perfectly fine until i turn on Display or Game Sources then it is Here but it disappears behind the source
  3. K

    Browser: Local File to Open URL in OBS Browser

    I have a project I am working on and trying to automate it as much as possible. In OBS, is it possible to have a browser source read a local file, like a .txt file, and open up a URL inside said file? In this instance it would be directed to a twitch pop out video player. This is for a multiview...
  4. P

    Shortcuts / hotkeys for online web docks

    Hi, I've developed a dynamic lower third consisting of a control panel to be used as a dock and a "receiver page" to be used as a browser source / overlay. The two communicate via Broadcast Channels in javascript. I've also implemented basic hotkey functionalities in javascript in the control...
  5. D

    Remote Control for Audience

    Hey! I'm quite new to OBS and especially to this forum, so I'm very sorry if this question might be dumb or useless... And additionally I'm not a native speaker so please forgive me if I do mistakes... My request: I'm hosting a trivia game quite similar to a pub quiz. I'm streaming this using...
  6. N

    How to play a livestream via the "Browser" source?

    Hi OBS forums, I wasn't sure if this is the right place to post, but I just wanted to know if it is possible to play a YouTube livestream via the "Browser" source, I just wanna keep it at the side of the screen. I have no idea how to.
  7. SaintGrimmy

    URL Hotspots

    Hi all, Perhaps this has been asked before but I'm struggling to find anything as I look through the forum, perhaps I'm just not asking the right question? So in a nutshell I've created some custom social media icons in photoshop and import them to my "Live" scene, however is it possible to...
  8. C

    Browser choppy video hardware acceleration off

    Hi All. I am new to the group (first post). I’m new to using this app and need a little help. I have 3 different laptops (a Dell 5759 [i5-1035G1], and two ASUS VivoBook F512JA-AS54 [Intel i5-1035G1 CPU]). They seem to be up to spec to use this OBS. But it looks like any time I try to record...
  9. M

    Browser source, interact not working on MAC

    Hi guys, I have a problem and I can't solve it despite trying everything. Updates made on obs, on the Mac. Having to stream from youtube through the obs Browser function, by clicking interact to be able to use the controls, I am blocked by the youtube pop-ups of cookies. The page scrolls but...
  10. E

    OBS Browse overlay is missing png files

    Hi there, TOday I started to get this strange behavior. The browse component of my scene is not showing anymore the png graphics. I got the text from the web page, but the graphics appear with the broken icon. I can see the graphics on the reference web page. Any idea? Thanks!! PS: I have...
  11. R

    No audio from a recording in Please

    Sound is coming in clear when playing a video from You Tube through sources/Browser. but there's no audio being displayed in my mixer before or after I have recorded the clip. i went into Advanced, and there's nothing that makes it work. what do i need to do to have this function and to make...
  12. dEN00_5

    OBS Python scene update (browser) and value change 1.0

    the current plugin updates the browser scene. It was done in order not to independently press the hide button and update it automatically.
  13. A

    Browser Source Crashes OBS On Startup (Windows 10)

    Hi everyone. Whenever there is an active browser source in one of my scenes, OBS crashes, meaning that whenever I launch OBS while the browser source is there, the program crashes on startup. Most of the threads I've come across with this in are for Mac OSs, so I'm not sure what to do myself. I...
  14. AlexDicy

    Blurring browser background (underlying scenes)

    I have a browser source with a div element that has a backdrop-filter: blur CSS property. The browser has currently no way of knowing what are the underlying pixels, so I'm looking for a way to blur the semi-transparent background of this div, but not its content. I have tried using StreamFX...
  15. M

    Recorded video is not clear

  16. A

    Using OpenLP Interface for Lyrics

    Hello, in this guide I'll explain how to use the OBS-OpenLP Interface tool to display text from songs that you are presenting on OpenLP as subtitles in your stream. Setting up OpenLP Set up the tool First, in OpenLP, go to Settings -> Manage Plugins and make sure to enable the Remote plugin...
  17. U

    Browser Custom CSS Charset changed?

    Hi guys, since the last update (25.0.8) the charset for the custom CSS field in the "Properties for 'Browser'" modal seems to be changed. We often use web based overlays and change the text content via pseudo elements ::before and ::after. As germans we have some special characters in our...
  18. A

    Non-OBS Script OBS-OpenLP Lyrics Interface 1.4.2

    This is a custom stage for OpenLP. It can be connected to OBS as a custom browser dock and browser source, allowing you to display lyrics that appear on your slides in OBS. Setup Adding the Custom Stage View In OpenLP, make sure to enable the Remote plugin. Go to the OpenLP data folder through...
  19. W

    Is there a problem with the browser source in OBS version 25.0.8 32 bit?

    Last Log File - I have tried many ways of getting the restream chat to apear on my screen and for some reason not even the original https that's on the browser source shows anything. Now just to be clear I'm new to OBS, but I asked the guys at...
  20. M

    Bug Report Browser Source Canvas Text Not Rendering

    Hi, I'm trying to display an animation I created in HTML that uses some HTML5 features such as the canvas element. I am drawing planets orbiting stars and putting text on them. This works perfectly fine when I load them normally in both Firefox and Chrome but when I use the "Browser" source in...