1. A

    Browser Source Crashes OBS On Startup (Windows 10)

    Hi everyone. Whenever there is an active browser source in one of my scenes, OBS crashes, meaning that whenever I launch OBS while the browser source is there, the program crashes on startup. Most of the threads I've come across with this in are for Mac OSs, so I'm not sure what to do myself. I...
  2. AlexDicy

    Blurring browser background (underlying scenes)

    I have a browser source with a div element that has a backdrop-filter: blur CSS property. The browser has currently no way of knowing what are the underlying pixels, so I'm looking for a way to blur the semi-transparent background of this div, but not its content. I have tried using StreamFX...
  3. M

    Recorded video is not clear

  4. A

    Using OpenLP Interface for Lyrics

    Hello, in this guide I'll explain how to use the OBS-OpenLP Interface tool to display text from songs that you are presenting on OpenLP as subtitles in your stream. Setting up OpenLP Set up the tool First, in OpenLP, go to Settings -> Manage Plugins and make sure to enable the Remote plugin...
  5. U

    Browser Custom CSS Charset changed?

    Hi guys, since the last update (25.0.8) the charset for the custom CSS field in the "Properties for 'Browser'" modal seems to be changed. We often use web based overlays and change the text content via pseudo elements ::before and ::after. As germans we have some special characters in our...
  6. A

    Non-OBS Script OBS-OpenLP Lyrics Interface 1.4.4

    This is a custom stage for OpenLP. It can be connected to OBS as a custom browser dock and browser source, allowing you to display lyrics that appear on your slides in OBS. Setup Adding the Custom Stage View In OpenLP, make sure to enable the Remote plugin. Go to the OpenLP data folder through...
  7. W

    Is there a problem with the browser source in OBS version 25.0.8 32 bit?

    Last Log File - I have tried many ways of getting the restream chat to apear on my screen and for some reason not even the original https that's on the browser source shows anything. Now just to be clear I'm new to OBS, but I asked the guys at...
  8. M

    Bug Report Browser Source Canvas Text Not Rendering

    Hi, I'm trying to display an animation I created in HTML that uses some HTML5 features such as the canvas element. I am drawing planets orbiting stars and putting text on them. This works perfectly fine when I load them normally in both Firefox and Chrome but when I use the "Browser" source in...
  9. J

    Question / Help Source / Browser

    After the 25.0.7 update, the 'sources, browser' option simply disappeared.
  10. K

    Question / Help Browser error New update OBS 25.0.4.

    dear makers of OBS Studio after the latest update (update 25.0.4) I can no longer use the browser source and there fore I cannot use overlays, you can fix this. I hope you respond to this message with kind regards, Jesmar
  11. ThrottleLP

    Question / Help Browser Source: transform: scale() not working

    I'm using a Browser source for my overlay in my streams. I've got an animated logo with different animations triggered by javascript. Everything works... except for animations with "transform: scale()". Is this a bug in OBS/CEF or is the person in front of my keyboard responsible? (My animation...
  12. Z

    Bug Report Browser Source doesn't appear and I try this days to fix this

    Browser Source It does not seem with any link that I put and I already tried to uninstall and reinstall it and it still does not work, help me because this is what I need for various widgets for my stream, help me pls
  13. M

    Question / Help Browser Source Sound displayed but not recorded

    So in short, thats exactly the problem. In the browser's source options I set a tick to let the audio get played through OBS. The sound I want from the browser gets displayed in the mixer, I see the volume spike, but when I watch the recorded Video I must realize that it didnt record the audio.
  14. P

    Bug Report Interact action not working

    Hallo, I tried to open web page in browser source. I need login to my page, but a can't interact with browser. When I click to Interact menu, browser windows will open, but there is not possible click to any button, menus, etc.... It looks like there is a bug with interact function. Any idea...
  15. Sao

    Question / Help The camera and The microphone are not accessible

    I´m currently trying to stream a google hangout video chat or Messeger session via OBS (25.0.1) After adding the correct Meet Url, the page opens and I "could" join a meeting. However, the website in OBS complains that the camera and the microphone are not accessible and that I should activate...
  16. S

    Question / Help Link for restream chat not work properly...

    When i put my link for restream chat in obs the window that show up on my screen demand login and password. Before 30.03.2020 everything was fine and i see chat instead of this... Also if i put link in any other browser than obs it will work correctly. Sorry for bad english... Help me to fix...
  17. A

    Question / Help CLR Browser with ADblocker

    I am running my Obs Stream on a VServer. That mean I cant capture my Music Playlist with an normal Window or Desktop Audio. The only way is to use an CLR OBS Browser. But I dont want to see/hear Ads anymore. Is there any way to install a AdBlocker or a Plugin, in one of these "half" chrome...
  18. M

    Question / Help OBS Browser And Sound Problems When Streaming

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I made my first serious Youtube live streaming with OBS, which I covered the PS5 live stream from the official live stream with descriptions of my native language on additional. But when I making it, I encountered some problems with it. Questions ahead: 1) Why did...
  19. J

    Question / Help Muddy Audio from Desktop Source

    Hi, Hoping you can help me out with this recurring issue. My mic and my game audio sounds fine, but muddy when the sound comes through a browser or music player such as iTunes or Spotify. I've tried searching the forums for this topic, which led me to the guide about installing AAC. Even after...
  20. O

    Question / Help OBS Web Browser not Google Secure

    Trying to sign in to my google account as I have in the past using the web browser built into OBS so I may occasionally show music videos with my channel bot without ads as I have YouTube Premium, but since the first of this year I get a message saying that the browser is not secure and won't...