OBS 27.1.1 Browser Opacity Broken


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I have some partially transparent overlays in OBS that no longer work as intended in OBS 27.1.1

Browser transparency appears to be much brighter than it should be since updating. Here is how my overlay looks in Chrome and in OBS 27.0.1 (Working as intended)

Screenshot 2021-09-30 21-15-31.png

and here is how it looks in OBS 27.1.1:

Screenshot 2021-09-30 21-15-10.png

I also tested a browser containing just a white square at 0.5 opacity. The square on the left is in OBS 27.1.1 and the square on the right is how it looks in Chrome and OBS 27.0.1 (working as intended)


My overlays make use of a lot of transparency for CRT screen and reflection effects, however since updating the colours are completely off. I hope this was not intended as I will have to stick to OBS 27.0.1 in the meantime.

I have attached the source for the overlay in case it helps. Here is my OBS 27.1.1 log file in case that also helps: https://obsproject.com/logs/pMHBiYgd5cvxMZqD



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