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    Corporate Live Stream Help - Complex Scenario.

    This would be simple if I wasn't being asked to do it over zoom so people from field offices can be called upon. So plan was virtual camera to zoom but the issue with that is the audio. Computer 1: Running OBS, and broadcasting the main feed to zoom with master audio mix. Computer 2: Running...
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    Dropped frames HELP

    I have been having this issue for streaming for nearly a year. I decided to look more in depth about it and have gotten nothing. Heres the changes i have been doing: -NVEC (New) on -Trying bitrates through twitch test and not ookla -Found the best server to use -dropped quality to 720 -dropped...
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    Remote Control for Audience

    Hey! I'm quite new to OBS and especially to this forum, so I'm very sorry if this question might be dumb or useless... And additionally I'm not a native speaker so please forgive me if I do mistakes... My request: I'm hosting a trivia game quite similar to a pub quiz. I'm streaming this using...
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    Question / Help Scheduling a livestream on multiple platforms using Restream

    Hello all, We currently stream to five different platforms using Restream. We have an event coming up that we would like to be able to schedule to allow people to set reminders to join the stream when it plays. We don't have to go live on all of the platforms we typically go live in, but we...
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    Question / Help Presenter View in OBS Studio?

    Hello everyone, I started using OBS as part of my effort to make classroom teaching to special needs children more engaging. I've used Microsoft Powerpoint since the beginning and I thought OBS would be as straight forward as connecting a hdmi cable to a projector and entering Presenter View...