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  1. PrincessSakura21

    Problem OSB plugin into Stream Deck

    I just have a problem connecting my own stream deck into the OSB plugin, but it's not connected. I tried to figure it out. Could you help me??
  2. Swamp_Spirit

    OBS Crashing when deleting Source

    Just as the title says, OBS crashes when I remove a source. I use the Scrab plugin to take screenshots with OBS, and I want to fix this before my whole stream crashes when I remove it from any of my Scenes. The crash log seems to indicate that the problem is the "streamdeckpluginqt6.dll" file...
  3. M

    PTZ Optics, NDI, OBS, Stream Deck & Me.....

    Church lady here (isn't that special) really stuck on how to get my camera presets coded onto a new Stream Deck XL. We have two PTZ (30x) Optical zoom cameras connected via POE to our Stream PC (Windows) running OBS 29 and NDI Tools. We stream to YT and have very few issues with bandwidth...
  4. fribse

    Tried to update to 29.0.2 - now the streamdeck is extremely slow in talking to the OBS studio?

    After going to 29.0.2 my streamdeck integration is extremely slow. I have animated buttons in Streamdeck, and if I press a button to change scene in OBS, it freezes the animated button, and just hangs there for ever before switching (takes 20-30 seconds to switch a scene). After the scene is...
  5. F

    something like NDI but.. wired?

    Is there a way to do stuff like changing Scene with stream deck on your Gaming PC OBS and send the signal to your streaming PC OBS just like NDI, BUT with Capture card instead of relying on the internet.
  6. V

    Elgato stream deck keeps opening tabs asking me to sign in

    every time I open my browser, Elgato opens around 8 tabs all at once asking me to sign into an account. But when I sign in it takes my to a web page that isn't e available, this has been happening for months and I can't find a fix.
  7. DayGeckoArt

    NVENC actually uses a lot of GPU resources and watts

    The premise of NVENC is to handle video encoding without impacting game performance much. There's a lot of discussion on the internet about the computer resources used by NVENC in various forums, blogs, Youtube videos, etc and the general consensus seems to be that it does use a bit of CPU and...
  8. M

    Oddball Request: Automating the Setup of a Stream Deck

    I am running a weekly live stream, the content of which changes from week to week. I have written Python scripts (on my Linux Laptop) to generate the scenes we need (on our Windows 10 streaming computer) using the Python scripting feature in OBS. It's a work in progress, but so far, so good...
  9. D

    Remote Control for Audience

    Hey! I'm quite new to OBS and especially to this forum, so I'm very sorry if this question might be dumb or useless... And additionally I'm not a native speaker so please forgive me if I do mistakes... My request: I'm hosting a trivia game quite similar to a pub quiz. I'm streaming this using...
  10. touch_portal

    How-To Setup Touch Portal w/ OBS for Twitch Streaming !! DUAL Streaming Setup

    This video shows the setup process for Touch Portal & OBS for Twitch Live Streaming. It also covers Dual PC Streaming Setup as well for those of you streaming with Two PC's. Touch Portal: Websocket Plugin:
  11. Jaypoc

    Question / Help Can hotkeys be assigned to Scene Transitions drop-down options?

    Is there a way to assign hotkeys to the transition selection? I'm programming my Stream Deck which can call any keyboard hotkeys, or select and transition to a particular scene in OBS Studio. The workflow I'm looking to achieve is to assign buttons/hotkeys on the Stream Deck to CUT, FADE...
  12. hoffsiderunner

    Elgato Stream Deck help

    Hi! i have an idea but im not sure how or if its possible. i want to use my stream deck to change a text source in OBS. if I have a text source with a number and then I press a key on the stream deck and it adds +1 to that number. like a scoreboard, I score a goal presses the key and it adds +1...
  13. K

    Pause in Elgato Stream Deck

    Hey, I really would like to see the new pause feature introduced in 24.0 OBS Studio in Elgato Stream Deck. Thanks!
  14. R

    Question / Help Secondary keyboard as OBS controller?

    Hey all! I wondered if anyone had tried this or similar. Could OBS support and differentiate a secondary keyboard (e.g. as a hotkey / scene controller. I guess similar to a Stream Deck, or any of...
  15. touch_portal

    Semi-free Touch Portal 4.0 build 2

    Touch Portal is a companion app to control a PC or a Mac by using a deck of buttons to improve the workflow & productivity of game streamers, content creators and professionals Use cases: - Game streamers: Stream your games while having total control of your broadcast overlays with a deck of...