Oddball Request: Automating the Setup of a Stream Deck


New Member
I am running a weekly live stream, the content of which changes from week to week. I have written Python scripts (on my Linux Laptop) to generate the scenes we need (on our Windows 10 streaming computer) using the Python scripting feature in OBS. It's a work in progress, but so far, so good. Because lots of things can change from week to week, we spend a fair amount of time creating, deleting, and rearranging buttons on the Stream Deck before each live stream. I am wondering if there is any way to automate this process.

I am familiar with the open source Elgato Python Stream Deck Library, which is an alternative library for controlling the Stream Deck instead of the Elgato-provided software. I imagine I could develop a solution using that, but it would require a large development effort to emulate much of the functionality of the OBS Stream Deck Plug-in. What I'm hoping is that someone out there knows of a way (or can suggest an approach) to automate the setup of the stream deck using the Elgato-provided software. Anyone got any ideas?