Question / Help Secondary keyboard as OBS controller?


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Any additional device that works similar to a keyboard by creating keypresses is regarded as keyboard by Windows. It doesn't matter if it is a full 100-key keyboard or a 20-key half-sized keybard or even only a foot button with one key only. From Windows' point of view, it is all a keyboard. There is no such thing as a "secondary keyboard" - it's all equal. You can plug in 5 or 10 keyboards or keyboard-like devices, and Windows considers all of them as keyboard with equal rights.

So, if you want your additional keyboard send OBS-specific functions, and this additional keyboard only, you have to create hotkey definitions within OBS and make this device send these hotkeys. The task is to define hotkeys that do not collide with common hotkeys you use with your regular keyboard, and the task it is to make your device actually create these hotkeys.
Many devices come with apps that enable you to redefine device keys to send arbitrary keystrokes, but not all of them. It's not clear if the device you posted comes with such an app.
Don't confuse this device configuration with a regular Windows app that enable you to redefine any key to any other key. The former redefines the keys of the device only, while the latter redefine all keys of some kind to something other.


I see what you are saying and it seems like it should be possible. I feel like you should be able to assign a second keyboard to another language in Windows and then you would have unique keys to turn into hotkeys. A cheap streamdeck. I have been searching but my search terms are turning up answers to the wrong question.