1. Capt_Oz

    OBS minimising

    For some reason whenever I launch a game with OBS already running, the game causes OBS to minimise & disconnect ...essentially stopping the program altogether. But when I quit the game, OBS re-launches & re-connects. To deal with the issue, I sometimes open the game up first, tab out & then open...
  2. M

    Skipping Frames while recording ingame

    Hello everyone I have a problem where my games are skipping frames as soon as I start OBS. There are no skipped frames in the recording, it's the game itself. Tried everything like lower the bitrate / lower my game graphics but nothing really worked out for me. I also tried every encoder i...
  3. T

    KB/S drops to 0 when I open a game

    Log: This log is when I started the stream and immediately opened "Paint The Town Red". The bitrate tanked and I ended the stream. Less than 5 minute stream. The stream: Bitrate: 2000 540p 60fps GPU: 1650 Super Encoder: NVENC The stream is fine...
  4. F

    Game Capture NOT working - Need help

    Hi Guys and Girls , I am starting to loose my patience with OBS - I have uninstalled Done a full Windows format Still my Game Capture wont capture my games - Specifically Modern Warfare and Escape From Tarkov. Its annoying as hell as i have to use display capture which obviously has a...
  5. C

    OBS capture jitter

    I'm having a persistent issue with OBS that I've been unable to solve. Basically, it seems like OBS captures at an uneven pace. Display, Window, Game capture, makes no difference. I have two monitors, one at 120hz, the other at 60hz, though the issue persists even when both monitors are set to...
  6. I

    Can't resize fullscreen game

    I used to be able to open osu! (1080p resolution letterboxed on a 1440p monitor), minimize it, then resize a frozen frame in obs. I am now unable to do this as minimizing osu! essentially hides the source in obs. I've tried the freeze frame plugin to no avail. I have also tried pressing ctrl+f...
  7. D

    Display capture problems.

    My display capture works, however if i put a game up on that display, it won't work. For example i see my desktop and everything is working then i put minecraft on that monitor and it won't show. Please help!
  8. S

    OBS Stürzt ab

    Hallo, OBS stürzt bei einem Spielwechsel, besser gesagt beim beenden irgendwelches Games ab (Egal welches Spiel, aber nicht immer hab ne 50% Chance das es gut geht..) . Steht dann da als angebliche Fehlermeldung: "Verbindung zum Server verloren" Macht nur kein Sinn Internet Läuft ohne Probleme...
  9. 0

    OBS game fullscreen issue

    i was playing game and i wanted to record so i opened obs but i noticed my cursor had disappeared from my game screen and the obs screen was displaying a single frame of the game. i tried windowed mode and the problem seemed to be fixed windowed mode sometimes lags my OBS so is there any way to...
  10. D

    how can I reverse my sound on obs?

    I'm using a software named "EqualizerAPO" to reverse my hearing.It's a problem about my ears (probably).Because of this software my wievers are hearing the left sound from right and left sound from right. Is there a way to change it from obs?
  11. H

    Record only game audio like Discord during streaming

    In Discord while streaming a game you can only hear the game audio and nothing else. So there is a way to separate the game audio without needing other tools like Voicemeeter or virtual audio cables. It would be awesome if OBS had the feature to only stream the audio of a specific game because...
  12. D

    Low fps while recording

    While i play a game it goes from 170-250 fps, and when i strat recording or streaming it lows to 30-50 fps and sometimes it goes at 70, i would like to fix this because the last time i used obs was fine My PC: Nvidia GFORCE 1050 2vgb Kingston 8GB + Crucial 16GB Intel Core i7-7700hq 2.80GHz...
  13. T

    Low fps in obs

    When I'm streaming a game, in OBS the window/game capture will 'lag' but my game will be perfectly fine?
  14. D

    Remote Control for Audience

    Hey! I'm quite new to OBS and especially to this forum, so I'm very sorry if this question might be dumb or useless... And additionally I'm not a native speaker so please forgive me if I do mistakes... My request: I'm hosting a trivia game quite similar to a pub quiz. I'm streaming this using...
  15. S

    Game record doenst work

    Hello, ive got a problem. I was streaming cs:go and everything worked fine. The next moment i restarted the game and now there is just a blackscreen. the Game capture does not work with ANY other game either (or programm). The simple solution on ever youtube video or the support of Streamlabs...
  16. H

    Streaming problem when using OBS

    A couple days ago I tried streaming the dolphin emulator with OBS but as soon as I left the OBS window, it would stop streaming my screen, any help?
  17. Clem_ant

    Crash OBS when running any game (80000003)

    Hi, I’ve been Stream for 5 months, and I’ve never had any problems with Stream until recently. When i have obs openned, even if i dont stream, when i open a game (Hades, Minecraft, WoW, Rocket league), OBS and the game crash. I already try to reinstall OBS, that's worked for Hades off stream...
  18. N

    Weird Game frame time issue when streaming.

    Hi! first time in the forums, so sorry if i make a mistake. I have a problem when streaming, my game start looking bad (like less fps) when streaming. BUT (important) the fps shown is the same (high fps even when streaming). Stream looks super smooth and perfect. Feels like weird frame time...
  19. B

    Best setting to record game on laptop??

    Hey, I want to record my game on my laptop without a choppy video. Is there any recommendation setting that I can use? 12:13:46.405: CoInitializeEx succeeded: 0x00000001 12:13:46.406: CPU Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8265U CPU @ 1.60GHz 12:13:46.406: CPU Speed: 1800MHz 12:13:46.406: Physical...
  20. B

    OBS can't detect my running game

    I'm trying to set up OBS to stream a game, but when I open the game OBS can't detect it. I know that I need to do the window capture to capture the game itself because syphon can't detect it, but when I open its properties and the game is running, it detects everything but the game itself. Is...