Audio Application Capture only records game audio from objects from the left and right side of the screen, but not from the middle


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I've recently noticed a bug where if I were to record game audio using AAC (audio application capture) with an object producing sound ingame, I would only hear the sound coming from the left and right of my screen, but not in the middle of my screen when I review the footage. The audio ingame is able to play sound in the middle, left, and right of the screen, but it's not the same with the recording's footage.

I tried disabled AAC and tried recording every sound that's outputted by the sound output, and it worked just fine, aka changing sound source from AAC to headphone output. I also tried checking every audio track for the AAC which didn't make a difference. I will attach a YouTube video of me testing AAC on and off with a car constantly honking. Notice how the audio stops playing when I'm directly in front of the car with AAC on, and with AAC off, the audio plays no matter where I'm at. Please mind the laggyness of the video, I'm not sure why OBS is doing that as it has never lagged in other recordings I do.

If anyone has a solution, please let me know as soon as possible since I listen to music in the background while recording audio gameplay. and I wouldn't want my music to overlap with my audio gameplay. As I would like to separate the music, and gameplay audio, and then add my own music in my video editor.

FYI, I'm using the 64bit version of OBS with the latest current version as of today, which is 30.1.2. I will attach an image of my recording settings.


AAC on:

AAC off: