Ingame lag MW2, high CPU & Ram usage.


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Whenever i stream, my fps on cod floats around 40-50 fps, causing a lot of lag spikes and just basic lag ingame. OBS is running just fine. But i've tried the lowest setting ingame, it doesn't matter if i use the lowest setting, or the ultra setting. Still the same. I tried turning on 'Dynamically change bitrate to manage congestion", this helped. But it kept bringing down my bitrate to 1000-1700. Making my stream extremely blurry...

My CPU is mostly being used for 90-100% while streaming, and my ram ranges around 75%. GPU stays between 50%-75%. I use the NVENC encoder.

I understand MW2 and Warzone 2.0 are heavy games, but it shouldn't be that much of a problem on my system. Yes my specs are a little old, but they're not bad:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 8-Core 16-Threads 3.7-4.3Ghz
GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition 11GB
Storage: 1TB HDD, 256GB SSD
Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus X470 Gaming 7
Ram: 16GB DDR4
Case: Black Cooler Master MasterBox B500

I've added 2 log files, i hope they can help...

Thank you!


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1. Change the refresh rate on your ASUS VG24V from 144 Hz to 60 Hz. If that is not available then 120 Hz. Cap your games at 60 FPS.
2. One of your audio devices has a sample rate that doesn't match the rest. This can result in audio drift over time or sound distortion. Check your audio devices in Windows settings (both Playback and Recording) and ensure the Default Format (under Advanced) is consistent. 48000 Hz is recommended.
OBS Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
Oortelefoon van hoofdtelefoon (HyperX Virtual Surround Sound): 48000 Hz
Lijningang (BEHRINGER USB WDM AUDIO 2.8.40): 44100 Hz
3. Download and install the newest version of OBS from . Old versions are not supported.
4. Run OBS as Admin. Right click on the OBS shortcut, properties, advanced, check box, ok, apply, ok.
5. Uncheck the box for Psycho Visual Tuning in the encoder settings. That uses additional GPU.
6. Record to MKV. If you record to MP4 or MOV and the recording is interrupted, the file will be corrupted and unrecoverable. If you require MP4 files for some other purpose like editing, remux them afterwards by selecting File > Remux Recordings in the main OBS Studio window or enable Auto Remux.
7. Create a new Scene Collection with 1 Scene and 1 Game Capture source. (Display and Game Capture Sources interfere with each other. Never put them in the same scene.) Close and re-open OBS so it opens with the new scene collection.

If still having issues, post new log.

Something else on your computer or network is using upload bandwidth. You can monitor what programs are using bandwidth with Task Manager. At some points the bitrate was 100 which would certainly be extremely blurry. Dynamic Bitrate is doing it's job though. It's either consistent frame rate with varying quality or consistent quality with inconsistent frame rate (dropped frames). See for more info.
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