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    Ingame lag MW2, high CPU & Ram usage.

    Hi! Whenever i stream, my fps on cod floats around 40-50 fps, causing a lot of lag spikes and just basic lag ingame. OBS is running just fine. But i've tried the lowest setting ingame, it doesn't matter if i use the lowest setting, or the ultra setting. Still the same. I tried turning on...
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    Valorant lags whenever OBS opens

    I've been having this problem for a few days now, whenever i open valorant, obs works fine but the game slows down, i get stuck in the loading screen. I then moved to SLOBS, where this was not an issue. But I also want to multistream to a custom server which is payed in SLOBS. any help would be...
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    OBS Studio is lagging my game when streaming

    Hi! I used OBS Studio a lot of time for my streams and it was always fulfil its purpose. My last stream was in August, there was no problem with it. Last friday, when I tried to stream GTA V (it's applies to every AAA kind of games) which I did a lot, the game started to dramatically lagging...
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    In game lag while streaming

    Hello everybody! Made an account for this problem. I always lag when I stream but no problems with recording. I stream on youtube and wanted to stream Apex but my ping spikes up to 600-800. Is there a way I can fix this? This happens to every game and I'm kinda getting annoyed about it. Thank...
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    Question / Help Ping spikes

    hi, this is my first post and sorry for my bad english. since last week i have problems with games like League of legends and CSGO, when i start to stream the ping increase from 80-90 ms to 120-250 ms. The last week it was ok and I dont move anything from my configuration. I tried to lower the...
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    Question / Help Minecraft FPS drops, output smooth, very few encoding overload

    No matter i record or stream, no matter what how large the bit rate is (tested between 1000 - 10000), my Minecraft fps still drops like from averagely 50 to averagely 25. The recorded video and stream are smooth. Is there a reason for that FPS drop? How would i fix it? Also, i tried using other...
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    Question / Help OBS Making my game lag whenever I get any alerts!

    Hey guys I hope someone can help me, I seem to get temporary lag spikes in game whenever I get an alert, I have a log file that hopefully can help with this! any advice would be perfect!
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    Question / Help loss of speed in twitch (when transmitting fortnite)

    Good evening, I have the following problem, when I play fortnite while I'm live, I'm doing fine, but in the stream it looks slow, and a few days ago it looked fluid, what can I do?
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    Question / Help LAG when streaming Fortnite

    Hey, I really want to start streaming on youtube. I bought a brand new GTX 1060 6GB, games are running 144 fps on high settings w/out streaming.(stream on= low settings in-game for me) When I do start streaming, the game is lagging like crazy. I'm talkin 20-30 fps tops when I stream with cpu...
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    Question / Help Game lagging/stuttering when recording.

    When I record using OBS, the quality is usually great. However when I'm playing and recording at the same time, my game feels quite laggy, so much so that the recording is actually better than the game I see whilst playing. Maybe I don't have the recommended recording settings so if that's the...