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I really want to start streaming on youtube. I bought a brand new GTX 1060 6GB, games are running 144 fps on high settings w/out streaming.(stream on= low settings in-game for me)
When I do start streaming, the game is lagging like crazy. I'm talkin 20-30 fps tops when I stream with cpu encoding, tried NVENC as well and still similar results. Tried different bitrates and presets but nothing worked.With Geforce Experience streaming is fine except the buildings don't render most of the time at the beggining so I think it's my obs settings that are causing this.( Specs, obs settings and speedtest below)
What can cause such a thing? I think people with worse pc's than mine can stream just fine and in more rig- demanding games than fortnite.

My specs:
i5 4600 3,2 ghz (ik it's not good, but I can't upgrade yet)
Gtx 1060 6 gb
12 gb RAM
HyperX SSD 240gb
1920x1080 120hz monitor


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