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  1. Guardian.s

    OBS Split Recording

    Yeah, I know it's already a thing within the Advance settings. However, for whatever reason, I can never figure out why my videos come out super blocky, but the moment I switched to "Simplified," my videos became super clear. Regarding my suggestion, could you guys add the split recording thing...
  2. P

    Elgato video capture device

    My Elgato capture device ( I transfer VHS tapes to digital ) is just not showing on my Mac when I go add a source, I am running Catalina , OBS is up to date & works perfectly well on Windows. I have deleted all settings, done a fresh install & still no good. I would be very grateful for any help.
  3. Beancrust

    What are the best settings for my laptop's specs?

    No matter how I cange the settings, the end product always looks bad, is laggy and gets almost unseeable when theres happening a lot on screen. Here are my specs: Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 5500U with Radeon Graphics 2.10 GHz Installed RAM: 20,0 GB (17,8 GB useable) Device-ID...
  4. O

    My OBS Video output is laggy !!

    Hey everyone, I really need your help quickly with my OBS Settings, as the Video output is always laggy. What would be the best Video Output Settings for my Laptop. Here are the specs: Looking forward for your help.
  5. K

    What should my settings for OBS be?

    My specs are: AMD RX580 8gb Intel I5-11400 8x2 gb of ram 240gb ssd 2tb sshd I record rainbow six siege (I want to have at least 144 fps when playing) and I am looking to start streaming soon. What should my recording/streaming settings be? For recording I am currently using: x264 Encoder...
  6. A


    I just got a new pc but for some reason my recordings in 2k are not looking crisp/the quality its not that good... I wanted to ask what the best settings for my pc are because its a preatty strong rig. I have an I9-10900k Rtx3080 64gb ram 3200 ddr4 and an samsung odysey g7 4k 144hz monitor. I...
  7. T

    Best OBS settings for an old PC

    hello everyone, so im trying hardly to find the best settings for my obs recorder, everytime i record my video of any game (and when there's a message that's says "video overload") the video turn out very bad fps like 3fps. So that is my pc settings: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz...
  8. T

    Is is possible to record Web Optimized videos? [MP4 Fast start]

    Hello guys, I am wondering if it is possible to adjust OBS settings in order to record videos that are Web Optimized after recording is done? (When I upload a video on my website I don't want users to download the entire file in order to stream it) My goal is to save time because I have a...
  9. B

    OBS settings for RTX 2060 16GB DDR3 I7 4790K HELP!!!!

    I need some help with some seting because i want to use settings with very good quality but also not so much of my fps taken by it so pls help me somebody. So i've been using 40000 bitrate with CBR and the quality looks awful and i want looked up on youtube but its is still the same, also don't...
  10. D

    OBS Camera issues with Canon

    So I had my camera working fine in 1080p but I accidentally hit the defaults button when I was in the properties for 'camera'. Now it wont go higher than 720x576. I tried custom resolution/FPS type but when I type in anything different it black screens the camera. Any idea?
  11. D

    3950x Stutters only while recording.

    Hello Everybody. I'll start by listing my specs. Gaming-Rig Motherboard:MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC CPU:Intel i9-9900ks RAM:32 Gigs Corsair GPU:MSI 2070 RTX Streaming-Rig Motherboard:MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus CPU:AMD 3950x Ram:16 Gigs Corsair. GPU:MSI 1650 Super My OBS Settings are those. As...

    20+ upload speed/900+ download 3500 bitrate still dropping frames and freezing

    I've been having this issue for awhile now and i can not for the life of me figure it out. Ive tried running obs studios recommended setting and i still drop frames and freeze. Ive dropped my bitrate from 6k down to 3k and my stream still look choppy. Ive talked to guys running the same graphics...
  13. A

    Good settings for recording cutscene/gameplay in 4K 60fps HDR

    Hello! First of all I apologize for any spelling mistakes but English is not my language. However I'm trying to record God of War on PS5, in 4K at 60fps with HDR on. Unfortunately, I noticed some lag in the first 10 minutes of the cutscene, so without any particular gameplay scenes. I'm using...
  14. M

    Stream pixelated all the time.

    Hi guys, Recently I've been having issues with my streaming on OBS (recording is fine) on my new PC. I've changed the settings a lot and tried different things however it hasn't changed the face the my stream looks blurry and pixelated. I've tried changing x264 presets, using the amd encoder...
  15. P

    How to set streaming,

    Hi. I have problem with streaming through OBS.It looks like slow motion,here are all the things you have too know.Maybe this will help. PC: GPU Gigabyte Radeon RX 570 Gaming 4GB GDDR5 CPU Procesor Intel Core i7-7700, 3.6GHz RAM GoodRam Play, DDR4, 8 GB,2400MHz Internet 38/4 Mbps...
  16. iRaiden2234

    Question / Help Best Stream Settings based on my PC Specs?

    Cpu:i9 9900k Gpu:Gainward RTX 2080 Ti Phoenix Ram:4x 16 gb sticks (64 gb) ddr4 2400mhz
  17. S

    Question / Help Best settings for 720p60

    I've tried looking at other forums, and I've done tons of research, but for some reason OBS records at 60 fps, but the video resolution is poor. Best settings for 720p60? OS: Windows 10 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7100 CPU @ 3.90 GHz, 3912 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) Model: Dell...
  18. sandrix

    Bug Report look-ahead is not a correct translation in obs in Russian

    Good afternoon, an incorrect translation of look-ahead has been indicated for a long time in the option tooltip. The program states that look-ahead increases visual quality by using any number of b-frames, up to the maximum. look-ahead, on the contrary, reduces the number of b-frames, down to 0...
  19. A

    Question / Help Recording Settings.

    Hi, I'm pretty much new in the usage of OBS Studio and I've been testing different settings for recording games, especially League of Legends. First this are my specs: ASUS GL552VW Gaming Laptop i7-6700HQ CPU @2.6Hz 16GB RAM NVIDIA GTX960M So the problem i've had is when i set the output...
  20. Jackson_Secret

    Question / Help I need help with my OBS settings

    I have been messing with obs for a bit and I can't for the life of me get it so I record gameplay with no lag. I'm am using an Intel core i7-8700k and a 1070ti with 32 gigs of ram. If anyone has any suggestions the help will be appreciated.