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  1. D

    OBS Camera issues with Canon

    So I had my camera working fine in 1080p but I accidentally hit the defaults button when I was in the properties for 'camera'. Now it wont go higher than 720x576. I tried custom resolution/FPS type but when I type in anything different it black screens the camera. Any idea?
  2. D

    3950x Stutters only while recording.

    Hello Everybody. I'll start by listing my specs. Gaming-Rig Motherboard:MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC CPU:Intel i9-9900ks RAM:32 Gigs Corsair GPU:MSI 2070 RTX Streaming-Rig Motherboard:MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus CPU:AMD 3950x Ram:16 Gigs Corsair. GPU:MSI 1650 Super My OBS Settings are those. As...

    20+ upload speed/900+ download 3500 bitrate still dropping frames and freezing

    I've been having this issue for awhile now and i can not for the life of me figure it out. Ive tried running obs studios recommended setting and i still drop frames and freeze. Ive dropped my bitrate from 6k down to 3k and my stream still look choppy. Ive talked to guys running the same graphics...
  4. A

    Good settings for recording cutscene/gameplay in 4K 60fps HDR

    Hello! First of all I apologize for any spelling mistakes but English is not my language. However I'm trying to record God of War on PS5, in 4K at 60fps with HDR on. Unfortunately, I noticed some lag in the first 10 minutes of the cutscene, so without any particular gameplay scenes. I'm using...
  5. M

    Stream pixelated all the time.

    Hi guys, Recently I've been having issues with my streaming on OBS (recording is fine) on my new PC. I've changed the settings a lot and tried different things however it hasn't changed the face the my stream looks blurry and pixelated. I've tried changing x264 presets, using the amd encoder...
  6. P

    How to set streaming,

    Hi. I have problem with streaming through OBS.It looks like slow motion,here are all the things you have too know.Maybe this will help. PC: GPU Gigabyte Radeon RX 570 Gaming 4GB GDDR5 CPU Procesor Intel Core i7-7700, 3.6GHz RAM GoodRam Play, DDR4, 8 GB,2400MHz Internet 38/4 Mbps...
  7. iRaiden2234

    Question / Help Best Stream Settings based on my PC Specs?

    Cpu:i9 9900k Gpu:Gainward RTX 2080 Ti Phoenix Ram:4x 16 gb sticks (64 gb) ddr4 2400mhz
  8. S

    Question / Help Best settings for 720p60

    I've tried looking at other forums, and I've done tons of research, but for some reason OBS records at 60 fps, but the video resolution is poor. Best settings for 720p60? OS: Windows 10 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7100 CPU @ 3.90 GHz, 3912 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) Model: Dell...
  9. S

    Bug Report look-ahead is not a correct translation in obs in Russian

    Good afternoon, an incorrect translation of look-ahead has been indicated for a long time in the option tooltip. The program states that look-ahead increases visual quality by using any number of b-frames, up to the maximum. look-ahead, on the contrary, reduces the number of b-frames, down to 0...
  10. A

    Question / Help Recording Settings.

    Hi, I'm pretty much new in the usage of OBS Studio and I've been testing different settings for recording games, especially League of Legends. First this are my specs: ASUS GL552VW Gaming Laptop i7-6700HQ CPU @2.6Hz 16GB RAM NVIDIA GTX960M So the problem i've had is when i set the output...
  11. Jackson_Secret

    Question / Help I need help with my OBS settings

    I have been messing with obs for a bit and I can't for the life of me get it so I record gameplay with no lag. I'm am using an Intel core i7-8700k and a 1070ti with 32 gigs of ram. If anyone has any suggestions the help will be appreciated.
  12. A

    Question / Help Gaming Laptop for Streaming

    Hello, guys. I need your help with some settings at OBS, Streaming and recording. Everytime when I start to record or stream, I have a very big lag in all games, and my games runs perfectly when I stream and record, but i was not see good on this(Sorry for my English). I have a gaming laptop of...
  13. S

    Question / Help Duplicating frames

    Hi, I'm recording a video of a video. I know it can lose some quality when you record over another video, but it's really important that I do it. The video i'm recording over is at 50fps. My obs settings are at 50fps. When I look at the video I just recorded it looks to be a mixture of 50fps and...
  14. S

    Question / Help Why is my Email Banned, OBS help also

    So I don't wanna post my NEW Email because of Privacy reasons, But I need to contact an admin to find out why my NEW EMAIL address is banned from this site? I just created it like 2 months ago I've never had an account before EVER on this site so i'm really confused. Is it just because its a...
  15. M

    Question / Help I need good settings for my OBS.

    Hey there, I am trying to record some videos for my YouTube channel ( specially a game called Dead by Daylight ) For some reason I am not having the best quality/performance at all? even tho my settings are nice.. I'll post them down there. Also my IN-GAME Audio is kinda messed up ( some audio...
  16. J

    Question / Help OBS Settings for CSGO [720p/60FPS]

    Hi! would you please help me with my OBS Settings? First of all my Setup: intel i7 8700k - not overclocked ZOTAC GTX 1080Ti AMP! Extreme - not overclocked 16 GB RAM @ 3200 Mhz What i want to play: Counter Strike: Global Offensive I know that this game uses much CPU Power. And if i stream...
  17. O

    Question / Help Streamlabs OBS super choppy

    Hi! I'm kinda new to the whole OBS thing, and I've read through so many guides but my stream still lags and even refreshed and has to reload! Someone please help, like, what settings should I use? Current log: https://justpaste.it/42odu
  18. B

    Question / Help Forza Horizon 3 at 60+fps

    I'm running a Ryzen 2600x, 16gigglebits of ddr4 ram, and an RX 560 4gb (which will be upgraded soon) running the latest version of Windows 10 Pro. If I play Forza Horizon 3 at any settings but lock the game to 30 fps, everything is fine! Nothing wrong there. But, if I up the lock to 60, or my...
  19. T

    Question / Help Having a really good computer but the stream is still laggy

    Hey guys, Down below I have my specs and my internet speed. I can't seem to figure out how to set the setttings so the stream won't be laggy.. and it would be actually watchable and not laggy. Configure my settings? Please help, TheFallenGalaxy
  20. MuckleG

    Question / Help What should my bitrate be with an upload speed of 2.45?

    This is my first time streaming with the OBS program and I am very lost with the settings in it. I am trying to figure out what's the best setting for an upload speed such as 2.45. I am trying to make my stream more clear with the quality WITHOUT being pixelated while streaming. Here's the...