Is is possible to record Web Optimized videos? [MP4 Fast start]


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Hello guys,

I am wondering if it is possible to adjust OBS settings in order to record videos that are Web Optimized after recording is done?
(When I upload a video on my website I don't want users to download the entire file in order to stream it)

My goal is to save time because I have a bunch of videos to record.
Right now I'm recording videos with OBS and web-optimizing them using HandBrake (and it is a SUPER SLOW process)
I'm looking for a way to make this process faster and more efficient, so if you know some "magic settings" that can help, I would really appreciate it! :)

Thank you!


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recordings ought to be improved for the web to guarantee quick playback. Numerous video transfers — particularly self-facilitated recordings — neglect to stream rapidly and frequently stop during playback. Luckily, there are a lot of projects that will reformat recordings, reworking document settings for quicker playback, which assists them with streaming all the more easily across a huge number of gadgets. Handbrake, for instance, is a famous open source video trans coder utilized for streamlining video, changing over video documents, and tearing DVDs.

Handbrake is very simple to utilize. To improve a video for the web utilizing Handbrake:

Select your video by clicking "source"
Set the objective of where the video gets saved in the "document" box
In the "Quality" field set it to "Consistent quality" of around 20 (great) to 25 (good). This element naturally sets a decent video quality
Actually look at the little "Web streamlined" box
Presently click the "Begin" button and begin encoding


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The help section on this site explains that MKV is recommended as a recording safe format... ie a glitch happens, you don't lose your entire recording which would be the case with an MP4.
With that said, there are custom video encode output options, that you are free to play with (some of them having significant CPU impact). But these approaches (from memory as not something I play with ... FFMPEG?) do require a degree of sophistication (ie, being handed a sharp knife... you can easily cut yourself) that many users don't have.