1. J

    4 mic podcasts - feel like I'm doing something wrong

    Hey everyone, so here’s the situation. We rent out our Podcast Studio, and to be honest, we’ve kind of had issues with audio the entire six months that we’ve had it rented. It seems like every podcast we would randomly have a mic decide to not work or mic three (out of 4) would randomly not...
  2. TheMindVirus

    mp4 encode is flawed

    You'll want to have a look at this: OBS Studio's .mp4 encoder is flawed and produced a corrupt-at-source 3GB video file for 15-minutes worth of 1-time video. The script I wrote shows that many...
  3. N

    Audio fine in OBS but missing in recordings

    Suddenly, after working fine for years, the latest videos that I recorded in OBS have no sound despite sounding fine in OBS. All of the audio inputs are set to "Monitor and Output" and I hear them perfectly fine in my headphones in OBS. However, when I play the recorded videos back in VLC, there...
  4. J

    OBS Framerate dropping on all recordings. Worked fine last week!

    I've been fighting this all day today. The recorded framerate is dropping on every recording. I only do local recordings of either my webcam, or webcam with screen share. Thats it. Transition between the two during recording. Today I am getting framerate loss on everything. Its an older...
  5. Matharu

    Lowering framerate from time to time

    Hello! In my OBS Recordings, sometimes I notice a subtle dip in frames when I record with at 720p60, for about 5 seconds of the recording. OBS reports nothing in the "Dropping Frames" section when it happens. My recording settings are as follows: I've already tried lowering Bitrate, changing...
  6. Taser9001

    Issue with Audio Tracks

    I stream shiny hunting on Twitch, and like to upload the highlights to my YouTube. However, what I tend to do is edit the highlights, add memes, silly music, that sort of thing, so what I always do is record multiple audio tracks, so I am able to remove all desktop audio from the recording...
  7. L

    OBS freezing while streaming+recording

    For the past 3 days (23/02, 24/02, 25/02) my OBS will freeze randomly while I am simultaneously streaming to Twitch and recording. I've tried switching from mkv to mp4 but nothing changed. I'll attach a zip file with the logs, tell me if you need more info. Thank you in advance
  8. P

    Remux MKV to MP4 with keeping timestamps?

    Hi, I wonder if it's possible to remux .mkv videos to .mp4 without changing the timestamps of the file? I have one year old mkv videos and tried to remux them to mp4, but after doing it in OBS the modified and created times for newly remuxed mp4 videos are now set to today. Can I somehow avoid...
  9. M

    Video after remux to mp4 pixelated..please help me

    Hello, at first sorry for my bad english. If I remux my MKV video to mp4 the video gets pixelated. Not the hole screen but some points. Above all if the picture is moving. It only happen when I use the Quicksync H.264 Encoder. If I use the x264 the remux work fine and the picture is good. But...
  10. T

    Is is possible to record Web Optimized videos? [MP4 Fast start]

    Hello guys, I am wondering if it is possible to adjust OBS settings in order to record videos that are Web Optimized after recording is done? (When I upload a video on my website I don't want users to download the entire file in order to stream it) My goal is to save time because I have a...
  11. R

    FLV remuxed to mp4 and voice becomes robotic

    When I record my gameplay from hd60 s+ into an flv file it looks and sounds perfect. but as soon as I remux it to mp4 in OBS my voice in the recording becomes sort of robotic sounding. recording to mkv and then remuxing to mp4 has the exact same effect. however I tested directly recording to mp4...
  12. M

    OBS won't stop recording

    I pressed Stop Recording, turned to stopping recording, and it doesn't stop, I press it again to force stop, and still doesn't. My PC used to handle this with no problem before, even though it's a large file. It has been 'Stopping Recording' for an hour now. I was recording in mp4, so...
  13. A

    Blurry recording. How to make it as seen on screen

    Hi there I am recording some video tutorials of my screen and for some reason, it comes out much more blurry than what I am seeing. Here is a screen shot with the difference recording on the right and my screen on the left And here are my video recording settings... Some help would be much...
  14. T

    File Unplayable

    I have been digitizing old VHS tapes and saving them on a thumb drive. I have successfully saved around 10 hours of content so far. I think I made some unnecessary adjustments to the settings somewhere along the way, because now I get this error message upon attempted playback of all new...
  15. C

    Cannot delete mp4 file created by Obs remux

    I recorded a video using the mkv format and had remuxing enabled so I could more easily alter it in Premiere Pro. I didnt like the video so stopped recording and deleted the mkv recording, fine. But the mp4 version it made of the file will not delete. I've tried to delete it by dragging the...
  16. Sunbro Kev

    OBS Crashes When I Hit Start Recording

    As the title says, the program crashes the second I hit start recording but remains technically open in the background until I go into the task manager and disable it. The most recent change I attempted was to switch from mp4 format to MKV. (I am trying to get rid of random audio stuttering when...
  17. A

    mp4 Multiple Audio Tracks import to Premiere Pro not working

    Yeah, what the title says. Not exactly sure whats happening, but i'm 100% sure that all the tracks are set correctly to be recorded separately. Like I'll play the different audio streams on PotPlayer and can hear them all solo. But when I import the mp4 file to premiere, i'll only see the...
  18. C

    Question / Help Remux-ing vs just downloading in MP4

    I have no idea if this has already been answered, I couldn't find it anywhere. I am new to streaming, and want to record my videos to edit for later. OBS auto records my streams into an MKV file type. When I try to enter this into my editing software (Sony Vegas Pro 17), it won't take it...
  19. W

    Question / Help Static noise from local mp4 file when trying to stream a local media source

    Hi all, I'm running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. OBS version: 24.0.06 - latest as of now When trying to stream a local mp4 file, I'm only hearing static noise for audio. The file works fine when playing on the desktop and anywhere else. Can't find any solutions
  20. byTh3Loc

    Question / Help Does anybody know how to fix the Stopping Recording without using just one audio track?

    The Stopping Recording Bug is caused by using more than one audio track but I need two audio tracks. So does anybody know how to fix it with two audio tracks or is there a update comming?