OBS Framerate dropping on all recordings. Worked fine last week!


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I've been fighting this all day today. The recorded framerate is dropping on every recording.

I only do local recordings of either my webcam, or webcam with screen share. Thats it. Transition between the two during recording.

Today I am getting framerate loss on everything. Its an older laptop with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M, i5 processor, with 8gb ram, but i've been using for OBS recordings just fine until today. This laptops only purpose has been for recording video with OBS for the past year.

I've browsed through the forum and followed some of the guidance I've seen. Run in admin mode, recording is set as simple, .mp4, high quality.

I've tired recording not using any scene transitions, just the webcam, same thing. I've rebooted everything. I recorded 60 second clips, or let it run for 20 minutes. It doesn't matter.

I have the log file attached. I don't know enough about OBS to make sense of some of the plugin errors in the log.

The only thing I have added was a different scene transition circle stinger.

Nothing else on the laptop is running but a web browser with a 3-5 tabs open. The picture is perfect during the recording process. I am using an OSBOT 1080P Tracking camera.

The only thing I haven't tried is uninstalling and reinstalling OBS from scratch.

A point in any direction based on the log file would be greatly appreciated.


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