1. W

    Question / Help Static noise from local mp4 file when trying to stream a local media source

    Hi all, I'm running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. OBS version: 24.0.06 - latest as of now When trying to stream a local mp4 file, I'm only hearing static noise for audio. The file works fine when playing on the desktop and anywhere else. Can't find any solutions
  2. byTh3Loc

    Question / Help Does anybody know how to fix the Stopping Recording without using just one audio track?

    The Stopping Recording Bug is caused by using more than one audio track but I need two audio tracks. So does anybody know how to fix it with two audio tracks or is there a update comming?
  3. C

    Question / Help Probléme d'enregistrement de l'audio du bureau

    Bonjour, je viens vers vous pour tenter de résoudre mon soucis d'enregistrement de son, je m'explique quand j'enregistre le fils de mon jeu avec l'audio de mon bureau et que je détermine l'enregistrement je n'ai aucun son sur l'enregistrement mp4 (j'ai aussi essayer d'enregistrer avec plusieurs...
  4. P

    Question / Help Any video over ten minutes comes back as corrupted.

    When ever I record a video in MP4 for around 10 minutes or more the MP4 file comes back as corrupted and won't work. If I record under 10 - 15 minutes the file will be fine and the video will run fine with no lag. This is difficult because I need to be able to record longer videos, can someone...
  5. T

    Question / Help Can’t change from flv to mp4. Help please!

    Hi I’m trying to change my recording format from flv to mp4 but the settings are grey and I’m unable to click to change the settings. Help. How am I able to change these settings. Thanks!
  6. N

    Question / Help OBS Outputs in VLC file format. Want mp4 for video editing with Vegas

    Hello I've used OBS before however just installed it on a new computer. I've found some settings that work well for me and produce high quality video but unfortunately the files won't play in any software besides VLC media player. This is an issue as I can't edit my footage in Sony Vegas Pro 14...
  7. C

    Question / Help No Audio on video imported to scene.

    Hey all, I'm importing an mp4 video with audio in a scene to have a pre-stream scene going. It's basically a sort of b-roll clip with a musical track. The video comes up but it doesn't have audio. Is that an OBS limitation or a "my shit Windows 10 PC" audio problem? I have audio when I watch...
  8. S

    Bug Report Problem with mp4 file conversion

    HI ! I have a huge problem :( I recorded a video with OBS, with mp4 extension, and it worked perfectly when I tested it. But I forgot it was already an mp4 file (I thought it was an flv file) and I tried to convert it in OBS to mp4, and now, the file is broken : black screen and the size is only...
  9. D

    Question / Help Access OBS output stream from remote website

    Currently OBS source is an RTSP source from Geovision and im trying to output the stream to Mp4 or RTMP then pickup that stream in a wordpress page. Anyone have any ideas how i could access my OBS stream from a remote website?
  10. 2

    Question / Help How do I record incoming HDMI video with 12 bits of Y data?

    It appears that OBS always records 8 bits per color channel (Y, Cr, Cb) using the available NV12, I420, etc settings for MP4 files. In my case I am receiving HDMI video that was set up within the transmitter to have 12 bits of Y and 12 bits of Cb/Cr (for anyone interested, it's the 24 bit data...
  11. 2

    Question / Help removing all audio content in recorded mp4 file

    I'm capturing 1080p60 video only from a camera via HDMI through USB capture box. I've disabled audio packets best I can within the HDMI transmitter chip (there is no physical audio input either), but when I record with OBS to an MP4 file it still shows 1kbps, 1 channel (mono), 44.1 kHz for...