Bug Report Problem with mp4 file conversion


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HI ! I have a huge problem :(
I recorded a video with OBS, with mp4 extension, and it worked perfectly when I tested it.
But I forgot it was already an mp4 file (I thought it was an flv file) and I tried to convert it in OBS to mp4, and now, the file is broken : black screen and the size is only 35ko ! When I click on the file, just the black screen and nothing else :(
What can I do ? Is my file totally lost ?
Thanks for helping


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Oh ok you're right about the overwrite thing. But why did the file "disappeared" instead of just staying the same ?
I'm really disguted that I lost my video :(
Thank you for your help !


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Do you make backups? If you activated Windows System Restore or Windows File History, you can right-click on your destroyed file, choose "Previous Versions" and you may find a backed up undestroyed version.