Question / Help OBS Outputs in VLC file format. Want mp4 for video editing with Vegas


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Hello I've used OBS before however just installed it on a new computer. I've found some settings that work well for me and produce high quality video but unfortunately the files won't play in any software besides VLC media player. This is an issue as I can't edit my footage in Sony Vegas Pro 14 Edit. I tried converting within VLC media player but the footage loses a little quality or entirely loses its audio.

Could anyone reccomend a way to have the files come out ready to be placed into Sony Vegas or a conversion method that doesn't make my footage look worse or lack audio.

Thanks in advance. Here are my output settings and log file for anyone who's curious:



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It seems your video editor doesn't support the H265 codec you set. Change to H264 (AMD Advanced Media Framework) or to x264.