OBS won't stop recording


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I pressed Stop Recording, turned to stopping recording, and it doesn't stop, I press it again to force stop, and still doesn't.
My PC used to handle this with no problem before, even though it's a large file. It has been 'Stopping Recording' for an hour now.
I was recording in mp4, so unrecoverability is an issue.

During the actual recording, at times, it did come up 'Encoding overloaded!' but it was because the game I was playing then took a lot of resources.
The resource values are about 6-9% CPU usage, and about 200MB RAM right now.

Also: Can it have any connection to the windows operation explorer.exe? I'm having troubles with that lately, and right now some apps not opening which used to like Mail, or Settings, or Start. (yeah the situation is bad)

Exact Specs:
Intel Core i5 6400 2.7 GHz
Nvidia GTX 1050
DDR4 - 24 GB
Windows 10


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It might be stupid, and I don't know a lot about encoding or mp4, but would it be technically speaking possible to deliberately pause encoding or the saving of the file, close the program, restart the computer, and continue saving the video?
The restart fixed my computer, no more explorer.exe problems, and I suspect that now it could successfully save the video. (I know it can't actually)