FLV remuxed to mp4 and voice becomes robotic


New Member
When I record my gameplay from hd60 s+ into an flv file it looks and sounds perfect. but as soon as I remux it to mp4 in OBS my voice in the recording becomes sort of robotic sounding. recording to mkv and then remuxing to mp4 has the exact same effect. however I tested directly recording to mp4 and that did work. the audio only messes up after remuxxing.

I've used different microphones. I've used VLC to convert. I've tried switching sample rates. nothing works. the only thing that worked was a quirky converter website. However I could only convert small files there. one of the files I need to convert is too big.

I have tried so much. I just want to remux my flv file into mp4 using obs with the audio coming out normal. I really hope someone can solve this problem.

log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/NrvCxMjKndwBygxI