1. GlitchDoctor

    FLV File Corrupt? Can't remux or move file

    So this is quite the first. I just got done recording about an hour or so of a game for B-Roll for a video. Ever since my mishap years ago where I stopped OBS before hitting "Stop Recording" (.MP4 file then), I've learned to use .FLV as it's great against crashes/power outages/etc. Since then...
  2. R

    FLV remuxed to mp4 and voice becomes robotic

    When I record my gameplay from hd60 s+ into an flv file it looks and sounds perfect. but as soon as I remux it to mp4 in OBS my voice in the recording becomes sort of robotic sounding. recording to mkv and then remuxing to mp4 has the exact same effect. however I tested directly recording to mp4...
  3. P

    flv file not working after crashing

    so i was recording and then my laptop crashes, the recording is there in the files but it is not working in vlc. https://obsproject.com/logs/KVHdBS6IHjf_1nta
  4. B

    FLV file turned stupid

    Uuh I did what people say and recorded with FLV but when my crippled computer crashed 50 minutes into the recording all that was left was half a second of the video. What is this? Why does God hate me? Does OBS save like a raw file somewhere were I can recover it with some magic software?
  5. A

    Recording only plays from beginning. Cant skip through video.

    Hi everyone! I am currently wanting to start using OBS over ScreenFlow but I have some issues. I read that its best to record in MKV or FLV over mp4 so I have changed to recording with that and I am also recording on to an external Lacie Hd (I was told less strain on the computer) Now, when I...
  6. P

    Obs stoping recording corrupted file

    Hello, first of all I want to apologize Im not a native english speaker I hope i'm expressing correctly Today I had an strange bug after finish recording with obs, i stop the recording with a shortcut (ctrl+alt+shift+home) and it get stuck in "stopping recording", i leave it a few hours maybe...
  7. B

    Question / Help Need help please concerning recording/saving files!

    So, two days ago I was recording something. The file format was set to flv. I closed OBS without hitting “Stop Recording.” Now, I cant seem to find the footage. If I close OBS without stopping the recording is the footage lost? Does is save automatically? Is the footage corrupted? Any feedback...
  8. Q

    Question / Help OBS Recording Only Saved Partial FLV Recording from 4 Hour Stream

    Hey everyone, I typically stream and record (.flv format) with OBS simultaneously to ensure the best quality when re-purposing my stream for YouTube. This past stream I stopped the stream and recording per usual, but when I went back to watch the recording, it only captured 13 minutes and would...
  9. K

    Question / Help FLV file missing after Stopping Recording glitch

    Hello, You probably hear this a lot here on the forum, but I couldn't find a solution to my particular problem anywhere else. I'm using OBS Studio for a while now and always used FLV files, since everyone said it wouldn't dissapear after a failure. Well, today happened the infamous "Stopping...
  10. T

    Question / Help Can’t change from flv to mp4. Help please!

    Hi I’m trying to change my recording format from flv to mp4 but the settings are grey and I’m unable to click to change the settings. Help. How am I able to change these settings. Thanks!
  11. B

    Question / Help 2 major issues

    Hello, I am new to using OBS which is why I'm here ;D. Anyways I have 2 problems being that my recordings are an "flv" file and I was wondering if I could change them into instead becoming mp4 or something similar. The other thing being that in OBS I'm trying to record some Overwatch and I chose...