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Hello, first of all I want to apologize Im not a native english speaker I hope i'm expressing correctly

Today I had an strange bug after finish recording with obs, i stop the recording with a shortcut (ctrl+alt+shift+home) and it get stuck in "stopping recording", i leave it a few hours maybe like 2 or more, but it never finished, I thought than maybe I missclick the shortcut, it has happen before so i just clicked the button and the recording finished in a couple of seconds. When i tried to rewatch the record (I always do this so i make sure everything was recorded correctly) I wasn't able to watch it completely,it just freeze at some point, if i fast forward 15 seconds the image gets refreshed and i can see a new frame but it doesn't play, it's just a freeze frame.

The audio is correct, I tried converting the file to mp4 with OBS and with FFmpeg, I tried differents players (vlc, native win10 player, windows media, a few other for android, and CCCP) is there anything else i can try? is there a way i can avoid this error?

It was a 3 hour conference, could it be than the file was too large, i had never recorded something that long, could I avoid future errors by splitting the records in 1 hour long or so?

The stoping recording bug happen, I wait, hit the finish button again, the file (flv) gets corrupted, the video is stuck, audio is ok, im sure frames are still there, tried diferents players and converting the file, I want to avoid this happen with something important again, can i fix the file?

log: https://obsproject.com/logs/kqXjBPYtT-TL5L9n
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The log provided shows no recording attempt.
Please don't dig up 2 year old threads for your issue.