corrupted files

  1. T

    Inconsistent Corrupted Files - OBS 30.0.2

    I use OBS to record my podcast and lately my recordings have been getting corrupted and I'm really not sure why. I recorded on February 5th and it was fine, February 8th the file got corrupted, February 20th no problems, February 26th the file corrupted. I changed no settings between any of the...
  2. P

    My video is corrupted. Nothing works.

    Hi, I recorded about 30 mins of Valorant footage and i cannot play it (error screen on the attachment). I tried to repair it with all kinds of programs but it still won't work. Also is it possible that the corruption was caused by shutting down my computer about 20 seconds after i stopped...
  3. G

    MKV Files Keep getting corrupted Randomly, need help for long term

    Hello All, I've been using obs to record video (not streaming yet). Most of the time the recordings come out fine but sometimes and more lately after I've finished a recording, I check to play the recording after and it will work fine, and then the very next day or even a couple ours later it...
  4. Y

    corrupted mp4 (black screen) on HVENC HEVC

    NVENC HEVC (h.265) corrupts my mp4 file. (h.264 working, like in version 27.4.2) black screen on recording, if video is longer than 20 minutes. hevc 265 codec - installed recording format - mp4 windows admin rights - does no fix
  5. D

    OBS records fine but the files are always corrupted

    Whenever I "test" record and I press on the video file it shows a black screen and that's pretty much it, but it does show how long the video is(timeslider) - MP4. I tried to record an alternate way by recording it by mkv and remuxing the recordings to mp4 and it still gave me the same problem...
  6. K

    Ran out of space during recording, how to repair file ?

    Hey, I made an unexpectedly long recording today. I thought I'd have enough space on my disk but it turned out that it wasn't the case. Now I have a mp4 file that I can't open, but as it is a 28,4 go file, I guess (and hope) its content can be saved, even though the last part must be gone...
  7. S

    Does anyone else keep getting corrupted files when they finish recording?

    I don't know why this is happening but every time I record something now, the file corrupts. This is the error message I get whenever I go to watch it. It's a new issue for me and I don't know what's causing it. I've tried changing the file type from mp4 to mkv, no luck. I think I saw...
  8. M

    My global.ini file has been corrupted, due to which I'm unable to open OBS Studio.

    I'm a relatively new and inexperienced user, and I haven't done anything major apart from using the auto-configuration wizard and setting up my scenes. When I opened OBS today, it gave me an error dialog box as attached to this post and , and when I attempted to edit the file via notepad, it...
  9. T

    File Unplayable

    I have been digitizing old VHS tapes and saving them on a thumb drive. I have successfully saved around 10 hours of content so far. I think I made some unnecessary adjustments to the settings somewhere along the way, because now I get this error message upon attempted playback of all new...
  10. P

    Obs stoping recording corrupted file

    Hello, first of all I want to apologize Im not a native english speaker I hope i'm expressing correctly Today I had an strange bug after finish recording with obs, i stop the recording with a shortcut (ctrl+alt+shift+home) and it get stuck in "stopping recording", i leave it a few hours maybe...
  11. H

    Question / Help All my recordings keep corrupting.

    I am trying to start a Youtube channel, and I'm using the latest OBS. I save the files as MKV and they still corrupt. please help <log
  12. JoselinkIncursio

    Question / Help My videos get corrupted

    I tried to record gameplays of more than 10 minutes in different formats and it gets corrupted or damaged. If I record in mp4, it can't be even played, not even in a video editor. If I record in mov, it can't be played neither and in a video editor appears as like it were an interference screen...
  13. Paf Gaming 2020

    Bug Report Videos Not recording correctly

    When I record a video it is messed up and looks corrupted
  14. NickA

    Question / Help Ran out of storage while recording; file is corrupt

    3 different recording were effected. Didn't notice until after. So my PC notified me that my HDD was getting low on space so I stopped recording and deleted some things and kept going. Then played the next day and the same thing happened but I just deleted stuff while recording. Recording never...
  15. B

    Question / Help Need help please concerning recording/saving files!

    So, two days ago I was recording something. The file format was set to flv. I closed OBS without hitting “Stop Recording.” Now, I cant seem to find the footage. If I close OBS without stopping the recording is the footage lost? Does is save automatically? Is the footage corrupted? Any feedback...
  16. A

    Question / Help Files keep corrupting, ive tried everything lol

    Hi! I need help regarding corrupt OBS Studio files, I've tried changing recording format to mkv and flv and none seem to work. I've also tried to reinstall obs completely, but that doesn't work either. thanks(edited) I've also tried to remux the files, but it just says: Recording remuxed, file...
  17. L

    Bug Report HELP!!! | OBS Files Randomly Unplayable

    So I've been trying to start a youtube channel to post clips and highlights and stuff and obs is pretty much the best. However, the some files show the default icon for video files instead of an actual thumbnail like all the others. I say randomly because I record games back to back and I stop...
  18. A

    Question / Help Corrupted files on long videosYes

    Im trying to record 30 min video with obs but each vid file is corrupted but when i test short vids tgere fine how do i fix this pls