My global.ini file has been corrupted, due to which I'm unable to open OBS Studio.


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I'm a relatively new and inexperienced user, and I haven't done anything major apart from using the auto-configuration wizard and setting up my scenes.

When I opened OBS today, it gave me an error dialog box as attached to this post Error1.png and Error2.png, and when I attempted to edit the file via notepad, it gave me Error3.png. As a final attempt, I reinstalled OBS (including uninstalling profiles etc.), and this issue persists. I searched for various forum posts akin to this issue but haven't found any. If there is a way to either fix this file, or replace it with a fresh file, please let me know. I do not have any log files to go with this, because I reinstalled the entire directory.


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If a text editor claims a text file is "corrupted and unreadable", this is a sign of file system corruption. This can happen if your PC crashes during a write operation to this file. Check for errors of the drive where OBS is installed (usually C:): open explorer, right-click on the drive->Properties->Tools->Check and let it repair any errors.

If there are no errors reported/repaired, delete the file and let OBS create it again.
If your PC crashes frequently (more than once in half a year) or such corruption happens now and then (more than once in half a year), you might have faulty hardware and you should seek fixing your hardware.