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  1. @

    Can't play my recorded online class.

    My saved recorded online class cannot be played. kindly help me, what should I do? i really need that for my performance assessment. is there any way I can retrieve the recorded video?
  2. lc6464

    I can't open obs

    I can't start OBS I installed OBS x64, but I cannot start it, either by double-clicking or running it in PowerShell. The performance is that the cursor starts to display loading (circle) after double-clicking, and the cursor returns to normal after a few seconds, but the OBS interface is not...
  3. M

    My global.ini file has been corrupted, due to which I'm unable to open OBS Studio.

    I'm a relatively new and inexperienced user, and I haven't done anything major apart from using the auto-configuration wizard and setting up my scenes. When I opened OBS today, it gave me an error dialog box as attached to this post and , and when I attempted to edit the file via notepad, it...
  4. P

    Question / Help Updated OBS, cannot open anymore

    Hi I just updated OBS software, but now I cannot open OBS... I tried deleting and downloading again, same thing keeps happening. Can someone help?