MKV Files Keep getting corrupted Randomly, need help for long term


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Hello All,

I've been using obs to record video (not streaming yet). Most of the time the recordings come out fine but sometimes and more lately after I've finished a recording, I check to play the recording after and it will work fine, and then the very next day or even a couple ours later it will stop working and won't play at all. No audio or video, but the file size remains the same. I use obs on my Mac even updated to 28.0.1 for my M1 and im still having this problem still. I record in MKV to preserve the file but now it has gotten to the point where it is frustrating, because the files will work right after I record, then won't play after. I am tired of looking up video repair tools as well, so if someone has any idea why this keeps happening then please help! Here is my log. The video that go corrupted as marked as "2022-09-16 16-48-02", on the changeling that recording starts at line: 16:48:02.028 and ends at 17:01:54.909. Thanks again!


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