1. Taser9001

    Issue with Audio Tracks

    I stream shiny hunting on Twitch, and like to upload the highlights to my YouTube. However, what I tend to do is edit the highlights, add memes, silly music, that sort of thing, so what I always do is record multiple audio tracks, so I am able to remove all desktop audio from the recording...
  2. E

    How to repair MKV files

    Lately, I have been experiencing issues with my PC shutting off abruptly in the midst of recording. I checked to see if the MKV files were saved in the output folder, however these mkv files in particular are unplayable. I tried to convert to MP4 through VLC, tried to Remux and none of these...
  3. L

    OBS freezing while streaming+recording

    For the past 3 days (23/02, 24/02, 25/02) my OBS will freeze randomly while I am simultaneously streaming to Twitch and recording. I've tried switching from mkv to mp4 but nothing changed. I'll attach a zip file with the logs, tell me if you need more info. Thank you in advance
  4. P

    Remux MKV to MP4 with keeping timestamps?

    Hi, I wonder if it's possible to remux .mkv videos to .mp4 without changing the timestamps of the file? I have one year old mkv videos and tried to remux them to mp4, but after doing it in OBS the modified and created times for newly remuxed mp4 videos are now set to today. Can I somehow avoid...
  5. A

    No recording found after crash!

    Hello, So I was recording a meeting for work and then I noticed that there was a crash-message in OBS (I sadly can´t really recall what it said). After I accepted the message, I wanted to check how long it recorded... well, OBS didn´t save a recording, even though I was recording to .mkv! Also...
  6. M

    Video after remux to mp4 pixelated..please help me

    Hello, at first sorry for my bad english. If I remux my MKV video to mp4 the video gets pixelated. Not the hole screen but some points. Above all if the picture is moving. It only happen when I use the Quicksync H.264 Encoder. If I use the x264 the remux work fine and the picture is good. But...
  7. A

    Need to access multi-track audio within OBS-recorded MKV file

    Hello. I edit for a video interview podcast that has been using XSplit for quite some time. The computer that is recording and broadcasting is Windows, but I edit on a Mac. The MP4 files generated by XSplit allowed me to access multi-track audio, for editing in Logic Pro X or Final Cut Pro. I...
  8. T

    File Unplayable

    I have been digitizing old VHS tapes and saving them on a thumb drive. I have successfully saved around 10 hours of content so far. I think I made some unnecessary adjustments to the settings somewhere along the way, because now I get this error message upon attempted playback of all new...
  9. Sunbro Kev

    OBS Crashes When I Hit Start Recording

    As the title says, the program crashes the second I hit start recording but remains technically open in the background until I go into the task manager and disable it. The most recent change I attempted was to switch from mp4 format to MKV. (I am trying to get rid of random audio stuttering when...
  10. A

    OBS and OBS Portable Recording Into Same File Simultaneously

    Corrupted video file, FFprobe output text file, and FFmpeg output text files are all available to download here: I'm hoping there is a way to extract good video and audio from this video file, this was for a...
  11. O

    h265 in MKV

    It would be really fantastic to have access to h265, particularly nvenc, in MKV. Some popular programs like VLC seem to be supporting it now, is there any chance it could come to OBS any time soon?
  12. D

    Question / Help MKV to premiere pro?

    I've been recording in MKV with multiple audio tracks but after I can't put it into premiere pro
  13. D

    Question / Help Recording in matroska format results in higher contrast/some grain

    I recorded with nvenc hevc and flac for matroska, but the video looks like this: When i tried it with quicktime, changing only flac to alac, the video looks normal: log file: As far as I can see, settings are not my problem, but the parameters I...
  14. C

    Question / Help Remux-ing vs just downloading in MP4

    I have no idea if this has already been answered, I couldn't find it anywhere. I am new to streaming, and want to record my videos to edit for later. OBS auto records my streams into an MKV file type. When I try to enter this into my editing software (Sony Vegas Pro 17), it won't take it...
  15. Scoobymenace

    Question / Help Only Audio Track 1 Records Sound for .MKV?

    Hey so I'm wanting to get OBS setup so that it records audio tracks separately for Game Sound (Desktop), Mic / Aux and VoIP (Discord), although despite having everything setup correctly, only Track 1 ends up in the final recording? What's worse is, I can see each of the individual volume meters...
  16. evilgoodguy

    Question / Help MKV file unrecoverable after BSOD

    Hey guys, so I started recording in mkv about a year ago, due to crashing that I was experiencing on my old computer. As we all know, mp4s are pretty much the devil because you can't salvage them after a crash of any kind. It saved me many times in the past after quite a few game crashes and...
  17. B

    Question / Help Where's MKV file container? (ffmpeg)

    Running through custom output settings to try nvenc hevc encoder. mkv is my file preference but I don't see it in container format besides matroska and timestamp. Mp4 and mov is a loaded gun and flv doesn't do audio. Unless its under a different name? Or is there more settings to tinker?
  18. EdwardNottingham

    Question / Help Looking for a way to record Audio only (Using Muxer settings maybe?)

    Hi! I've been looking for a way to do this for quite a while. The output panel has settings that allow us to record video and multi-track audio using the mkv encapsulation. This is great, and I love it! However, a nice addition would be the ability to record only the audio tracks and disable...