An odd one: MKV recording remuxed to MP4 is inaccessible in media players/video editor (besides VLC)


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First time posting to any OBS support thread, bear with me.

I have remuxed multiple MKV recordings to MP4 through OBS's remux feature. I can access both the video track and audio tracks through the VLC media player, however it fails to display on any other media player, such as Movies & TV, Photos, or Windows Media Player. On attempt, it displays the following error code or something similar:
Can't play because the item's file format isn't supported. Check the store to see if this item is available there.

As though it doesn't recognize it as an MP4 file for some reason.

Attempting to access it on DaVinci Resolve, only the audio tracks are imported in, no video track.

In case it is of any possible importance, my output video codec is NVENC HEVC.

Here's my log:


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The HEVC codec isn't supported by every media player and by every postprocessing software. If you want universal interoperability, use the standard mp4 codec combination: aac (audio) + h.264 (video). This combination is the default in OBS to avoid exactly these issues.


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Understood. However, I would prefer to have the peace of mind knowing that a power outage, crash, or something of the like won't corrupt my file. It's common for me, so I've been experimenting with MKV.

For a test, I tried using h.264 with MKV, and this still will not display in aforementioned programs.


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Hello everyone. I reverted back to default settings and went from there. All seems to be going well and I can view my MKV files in mediaplayers and Resolve alive now.

I'm unsure what changed with the revert, but I'm glad nonetheless.