1. R

    Remuxing Permission Denied

    Hello, i'm trying to remux my video file from MKV to MP4 using the OBS remux feature thing, however everytime i try to do so it says "remuxing finished but file may be incomplete", i've tried to remux it using VLC, handbrake, all that stuff, but nothing seems to be working (it's a video over an...
  2. C

    An odd one: MKV recording remuxed to MP4 is inaccessible in media players/video editor (besides VLC)

    First time posting to any OBS support thread, bear with me. I have remuxed multiple MKV recordings to MP4 through OBS's remux feature. I can access both the video track and audio tracks through the VLC media player, however it fails to display on any other media player, such as Movies & TV...
  3. Ravenx8

    OBS Python OBS Recording Demuxer 1.0.1

    I was tired of having to extract my audio tracks from the recording so I can separate them out when video editing. I couldn't find anything that would do what I needed it to do so I decided to make this script. Requires obs-websocket (To get the recording file name) Requires ffmpeg to be...
  4. P

    Remux MKV to MP4 with keeping timestamps?

    Hi, I wonder if it's possible to remux .mkv videos to .mp4 without changing the timestamps of the file? I have one year old mkv videos and tried to remux them to mp4, but after doing it in OBS the modified and created times for newly remuxed mp4 videos are now set to today. Can I somehow avoid...
  5. magrega

    OBS won't remux MKV into MP4

    Hey there! I just need a quick help maybe I am missing something. So I ticked the remux to mp4 option in settings but when I finish recording OBS just saves the mkv file and remuxing doesn't start. What gives?
  6. M

    Video after remux to mp4 pixelated..please help me

    Hello, at first sorry for my bad english. If I remux my MKV video to mp4 the video gets pixelated. Not the hole screen but some points. Above all if the picture is moving. It only happen when I use the Quicksync H.264 Encoder. If I use the x264 the remux work fine and the picture is good. But...
  7. M

    Verpixeltes Bild nach Remux zu MP4... Hilfe!

    Hallo, wenn ich den Quicksync H.264 Encoder verwende und die aufgenommenen aufnahmen im Anschluss per Remux in mp4 umwandel entsteht bei Bewegung ein verpixeltes Bild. Nicht das ganze Bild sondern nur an einigen Stellen aber sehr stark zu sehen. Wenn ich dann den Software Encoder x264 verwende...
  8. R

    FLV remuxed to mp4 and voice becomes robotic

    When I record my gameplay from hd60 s+ into an flv file it looks and sounds perfect. but as soon as I remux it to mp4 in OBS my voice in the recording becomes sort of robotic sounding. recording to mkv and then remuxing to mp4 has the exact same effect. however I tested directly recording to mp4...
  9. O

    randomly not recording audio

    hey obs community , im currently using obs to record some of my lectures (nah not to send them around, just so I can rewatch the lecture and take proper notes to it) I'm on a Macbook Pro with the newest version of Big Sur using the iShowU Audio Capture with the midi assistent. At first I could...
  10. D

    HELP! After remuxing mlv to mp4 or mov it removes my Microphone Audio!

    Pretty much just the title. After I remux my .mlv to .mp4 or anything else, it removes my microphone audio completely.
  11. downthecrop

    Free Mutlitrack Recording Audio Remuxer 1.4

    With Twitch DMCA muting vods lots of people are going to be multitrack recoding locally. This tool can remux multritrack recodings into a new mp4 with a single audiotrack selected. Useful specifically if you record a track with only game audio and microphone selected for archival on Twitch or...
  12. C

    Cannot delete mp4 file created by Obs remux

    I recorded a video using the mkv format and had remuxing enabled so I could more easily alter it in Premiere Pro. I didnt like the video so stopped recording and deleted the mkv recording, fine. But the mp4 version it made of the file will not delete. I've tried to delete it by dragging the...
  13. P

    Interesting Multiple Audio Track Issue (Stopping Recording...)

    Hello, I've had an ongoing issue with OBS for a few months now that I simply can't figure out, was hoping someone could possibly help. I need to record with at least two audio tracks for editing purposes, I had problems with .mp4 and was told to record with .mkv then remux to .mp4 so that's...
  14. BauwenDR

    Auto remux working inproperly

    When using the custom FFmpeg output (in output, advanced, recording output type). If the container format is mp4 (to record to HVEC video) and have "automatically remux to mp4" enabled, it only puts out a mkv file. When you turn that setting of it only outputs a mp4 file. Is there any way of...
  15. C

    Question / Help Remux-ing vs just downloading in MP4

    I have no idea if this has already been answered, I couldn't find it anywhere. I am new to streaming, and want to record my videos to edit for later. OBS auto records my streams into an MKV file type. When I try to enter this into my editing software (Sony Vegas Pro 17), it won't take it...
  16. B

    Question / Help Remuxed MKV files show no duration

    Hey there people! So I was remuxing some files, it claimed that the file I was trying to remuxing was an MP4 file, but it wasn't. It was an MKV file with a duration, proper file size, totally normal. I went to remux it to an ACTUAL MP4, and when I did, it remuxed instantly, and outputted an MP4...
  17. Scoobymenace

    Question / Help Auto Remux to MP4 aborts halfway through for large recording??

    I have the option enabled to Auto Remux the MKV file to MP4 however, last night I recorded a 3 hour session and when it went to Remux it to MP4 it stopped at 1 hour 40 minutes. I thought that was odd and retried it in Handbrake - same result, it stopped at 1h 40m.. What gives? I'm pretty new to...
  18. B

    Question / Help No audio in editing program

    I’ve posted this in the Adobe forums with no responses, so I figured I’d try here as well, since it may be an OBS problem. When I import a video file I’ve recorded into Premiere, there is no audio track, and seemingly no option to add one at all. The video was recorded using OBS in .mkv format...
  19. evilgoodguy

    Question / Help MKV file unrecoverable after BSOD

    Hey guys, so I started recording in mkv about a year ago, due to crashing that I was experiencing on my old computer. As we all know, mp4s are pretty much the devil because you can't salvage them after a crash of any kind. It saved me many times in the past after quite a few game crashes and...