1. Kreew

    Capturing ffmpeg output into C# script

    hi, sorry in advance if this is the wrong section. I'm trying to capture the output of an ffmpeg type recording via a C# script. The packets are sent via udp protocol and received correctly, the problem lies in the decoding of the image which occurs incorrectly. Multiple images are printed at...
  2. UpDownLeftDie

    OBS crashing all the time from RTSP sources?

    I have a 24/7 stream with 4 IP cameras as media sources that use RTSP to stream to OBS. Sometimes their connection drops out, and I think this causes OBS to crash somehow. Sometimes it doesn't happen for days, sometimes it just keeps happening after I restart OBS. Around half the time, I don't...
  3. T

    How to input SRT for Media Source?

    Hi there, I tried to input SRT for Media Source. But I got a black screen. I checked the SRT URL works in Windows 10 and macOS. My OBS Studio is 29.0.0(64 bit) for Ubuntu20.04.5 LTS. And I attached the results of I think ffmpeg has SRT. What can I do to input SRT?
  4. Y

    OBS 25.0.1 MPEG-TS SRT output on Record disconnects randomly- how to restart? And any setting tips?

    Hi Everyone, I'm experimenting with OBS to send an MPEG TS stream for satelite MUX. My Settings: THE MAIN PROBLEM: So, OBS will randomly disconnect and not reconnect automatically. Is there a way to make it reconnect? I really need some help to figure that out. NEXT: I need some tips for the...
  5. arf20

    Build ffmpeg for NVENC support in debian

    These are the steps to build a ffmpeg deb package with NVENC support to make hardware acceleration available for OBS Required an nVIDIA card with a reasonably updated driver Install nv encoder headers matching your driver: git clone --branch <version branch>...
  6. P

    OBS streaming UDP to ffmpeg to v4l2-loopback?

    I asked the same question in the ffmpeg-users mailing list and I feel that any answers may be equally useful here in the OBS forum. I have configured OBS on a workstation to send a UDP stream to udp://laptop:55555 I can receive the stream with an ffplay command like this: ffplay -fflags...
  7. Z

    Occasional Encoding Overload

    I have been researching this issue for almost two months and still have yet to find a resolution so here I am. GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Processsor i7 5820k Ram: 32gb Recording Format: mkv remux to mp4 Encoder: Nvidia NVENC H.264 (new) Rate Control: CQP CQ Level: 14, 16, 18, 20 (Have tested...
  8. B

    Question about Custom FFmpeg options

    Hi guys, i'm having issues activating certain functions. I tried for example "-me_method=umh" like i use "-trellis=2" and other. But the OBS Log says "option not available". I read alot about Nvenc and h264, x264 etc. and found interesting options i would wanna try. But i can't find a list...
  9. M

    Lossless encoding: 100% CPU for libx264, but 40-60% ffvhuff

    I'm using ffmpeg to encode my recording and the two encode settings I'm using are: libx264, qp=0 preset=ultrafast ffvhuff, pred=median I have already set DOOM Eternal to use the latter 12 of my logical processors and OBS to use the first 4 logical processors, so OBS shouldn't be influencing my...
  10. J

    Starting the Output Failed: If you are using the NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drivers are up to date.

    Hey guys, i just downloaded StreamerFX so i can use the Nvidia NVENC H.264/AVC (via FFmpeg), so i can get better perfomance streaming, but i get this error: Starting the output failed. Please check the log for details. Note: If you are using the NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video...
  11. IsaacLightning

    OBS won't stream to RMTP server on localhost

    I am trying to follow this guide and everything is working except for OBS, it will connect briefly and then disconnect until trying again after 10 seconds, where it repeats the process. Then I try to end the stream and it causes issues and I have to force close OBS. Using rtmpdump I can confirm...
  12. F

    GPU-Accelerated Lossless Video Recording with Premiere Import

    OBS was not really built for lossless video recording. However, you can nonetheless do it with the proper setup. With an additional step, you can even get the lossless video imported into Premiere without issue. First, you need to set up your OBS to have the following settings in...
  13. Lausch

    Custom Output (FFmpeg) ignores -q / -q:v parameter

    Hello, i use Container Format mpegts and as Video Encoder mpeg1video. Adding -q or -q:v to the Video Encoder Settings seems to be ignored. The quality level is always "default". For example using ffmpeg standalone like: ffmpeg -f dshow -i video="OBS Virtual Camera" -f mpegts -codec:v...
  14. M

    Free Webm Transparent Animated Graphics from Powerpoint 2022-01-02

    New VBA stuff for this which does both transparent MOV and Webm. Code here: https://github.com/maxrottersman/powerpoint-to-transparent-webm-or-prores and video here: Powerpoint to WebM Transparent Video Exports slides as transparent webm or mov files for OBS, youtube, or other streaming...
  15. forestj

    Question about developing multiple output or raw output pipe

    Hello, I like to use OBS to "record" HLS video for live streaming using the custom ffmpeg output: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/how-to-do-hls-streaming-in-obs-open-broadcast-studio.945/ I have been doing research and I haven't found a way to configure this yet. I'm willing to do...
  16. Liegreys

    OBS Audio Tracks With FFMPEG Wrong Times

    So I recorded some CS:GO with the boys, was gonna edit it into a vid for yt. Turns out obs or ffmpeg didn't want that to happen. I use 3 audio tracks, desktop 1 (1st audio track, game audio), desktop 2 (3rd audio track, discord) and my microphone (2nd audio track). I split the tracks using an...
  17. T

    Problems compiling obs-studio from source on Debian10

    Hi! I wanted to upgrade my running version of Obs-studio, so i cloned the repository, installed the depedencies, everything as described in https://obsproject.com/wiki/install-instructions#debianlmde-installation-unofficial unfortunately, i couldn't go pass the cmake. The compiling itself...
  18. D

    Cant use Replay Buffer in FFmpeg mode

    So I was wondering why when changing the Recording Type from "Standard" to "Custom Output (FFmpeg)" the option to use the Replay Buffer disappears. Is this a kind of bug or limitation? Or is it done on purpose and why?
  19. dergiation

    OBS doesn't store audio in avi file correctly.

    I like to be able to capture gameplay in a format that is ready for editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. Which is why I still use Dxtory. When I record with Dxtory the file I get in the end allows me to import the file into Premiere with all the audio tracks onto the timeline without transcoding, but...

    FFMPG for recording

    Hello all: I generally have used OBS for streaming. But more recently, I have been using the software for recording and editing in Premiere and Rush and some other software. I mostly do tutorials for some end users. So, pretty basic stuff. As I looked through some of the advanced...