OBS won't stream to RMTP server on localhost


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I am trying to follow this guide and everything is working except for OBS, it will connect briefly and then disconnect until trying again after 10 seconds, where it repeats the process. Then I try to end the stream and it causes issues and I have to force close OBS. Using rtmpdump I can confirm that the docker container is working, and it's running in docker ofc. The logs seem to mention an issue with ffmpeg-mux (ffmpeg-mux: Couldn't find an appropriate muxer for 'rmtp://localhost:1935/live'). Anyone know what I can do about this?


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The protocol you configured is unknown. What you want is called rtmp://, not rmtp://.
I found out the issue, before I was actually typing that right but it seems like the issue was a $PATH issue. But it's all resolved now. Can't believe I mistyped though haha