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Build ffmpeg for NVENC support in debian

These are the steps to build a ffmpeg deb package with NVENC support to make hardware acceleration available for OBS Required an nVIDIA card with a reasonably updated driver
Install nv encoder headers matching your driver:
git clone --branch <version branch> cd nv-codec-headers sudo make install

Uninstall existing ffmpeg if applicable
Get the ffmpeg source
apt source ffmpeg

add "--enable-nonfree --enable-nvenc" to the debian/rules file in the source directory with your favorite editor
Run debuild to run the package, takes a bit of time, grab a glass of water
debuild -us -uc -b

Install the generated packages that are in .. relative to where you ran debuild
sudo apt install ./*.deb

Note, the packages labeled "extra" might not install, you can just omit those
Now NVENC should be available in OBS, and of course to ffmpeg. Try encoding a video with -c:v nvenc_h264 see if it works.
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