1. arf20

    Build ffmpeg for NVENC support in debian

    These are the steps to build a ffmpeg deb package with NVENC support to make hardware acceleration available for OBS Required an nVIDIA card with a reasonably updated driver Install nv encoder headers matching your driver: git clone --branch <version branch>...
  2. M

    webcam lag

    hi, i have 4 webcam and 2 of them are very lagged (not always the same 2). 3 of them are the same model. what could be happening? i'm on debian based distro. thanks :)
  3. M

    4 webcam + 2 monitors - wich videocard ?

    hi, i have 4 usb webcams, and i want to add a second monitor. i'm using a debian based distro. wich videocard you recomend? it will help working better? or i need something else? it gets kind of miswork when i add a transparent png for background and a mov(quicktime) for displaying tittles like...
  4. I

    OBS doesn't record desktop audio

    Previous threads talk about making sure the monitor isn't muted in Pulse audio. Yeah, it's not muted, I checked. IDK what's going on, I'm running Debian Unstable, so maybe it's my fault? IDK. normal input like a microphone works fine.
  5. giraya

    I can't render in 1080p

    Hi friends, I'm confused. I have a 6470p Probook Notebook Plus I was able to render videos in 1080p with 30% CPU. I don't know what I did in the BIOS settings or in the System I can't anymore. 1080p leaves the CPU at 100%. Now I can only render in 480p I used Windows 10 and decided to...
  6. T

    Problems compiling obs-studio from source on Debian10

    Hi! I wanted to upgrade my running version of Obs-studio, so i cloned the repository, installed the depedencies, everything as described in unfortunately, i couldn't go pass the cmake. The compiling itself...
  7. O

    Launching OBS from cron not working (but OK from command line)

    Hi all, I am trying to get OBS to launch from a cron job, I'm running Debian, my crons run from crontab. What I am trying to achieve is to start a broadcast by getting OBS to start at a particular time. I am able to do this with a command line script and it works fine, but if I try and run it...
  8. D

    OBS crashes when i apply noise reduction filter

    Hi. When i apply noise reduction filter, OBS crashes OS: Kali Linux 2020.4 amd64 OBS Version: 26.0.2 Log: As you can see the log, no crash reference is reported in the log. It show only "User added filter "Noise reduction". Any help?
  9. R

    Debian install from PPA broken

    Hi folks, I'm trying to install from the ubuntu PPA. Whilst I'm aware that Ubuntu != Debian - using Ubuntu PPAs on debian generally works. However, the OBS install instructions for linux appear to be broken: $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio Latest stable release of OBS...
  10. E

    Question / Help Cannot install obs-studio in Debian buster

    Hi folks, I would really appreciate some help here. I have two laptops both running Debian buster. One machine installed obs-studio just fine. The other did not, and it finds a different version. They are set up to use all the same apt repos. Even so, the machines are trying to install...
  11. SylpheBaku

    Bug Report Debian, OBS v25, AVerMedia & v4l2

    Greetings everyone, When running OBS v25, whenever I try to change the properties of the V4L2 source for my AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2, OBS starts lagging a lot and becomes unresponsive. I can click on the Cancel button but there a chance OBS will then segfault. When running OBS from the...
  12. R

    Question / Help OBS Not running on Debian LXDE

    Hello OBS community! After following install instructions bellow on root (+installed FFMpeg) I succeed to have a shortcut on LXDE, but when i try to launch it on user nothing happen.. I'm lost .. can you help me please.
  13. B

    Question / Help OBS Xcomposite source does not follow changes

    Hi All! I have a problem with Xcomposite source. The Xcomposite source does not follow in OBS, what happen in source window, unless If I move the source wndow, OBS will start the following. I made a Youtube video about it, becouse It is hard for me to describe this...
  14. P

    Question / Help obs-studio not starting in Debian buster, please help me!

    Hi, I am trying to use obs-studio from Debian buster GNU/Linux distribution The GUI never starts. Please help me! Here you can see the exact version number $ dpkg -l obs* Desired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold | Status=Not/Inst/Conf-files/Unpacked/halF-conf/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend...
  15. D

    Question / Help OBS Error undefined symbold ( with Debian-based Build Directions )

    I installed obs manually and not from the repository with the Debian-based Build Directions. After the installation when I tried to start it I got the following error. larslol140@PC:~$ obs obs: symbol lookup error: obs: undefined symbol: obs_set_cmdline_args Is obs not working on Debian...
  16. O

    Question / Help OBS on non-GUI Linux server (+ multiple instances)

    Hello, is it possible to run OBS on a non-GUI Linux distro (specifically, Debian), I do not need any graphical interface and would run it command line only. Does OBS require a version wiht GUI to work even though I'd be running it from command line? This would be running on a VPS. I am...