1. C

    Ideal encoding settings for real-life content

    Hi, I'm streaming a show that uses a hardware vision mixer to mix cameras together, then OBS will stream this and any other videos we wish to play to YouTube. We have an i5 13600k and RTX 3060Ti. How can I ensure that I am getting the highest quality possible, particularly for irl content...
  2. S

    Weird GPU Usage (NVENC VS 3D GPU)

    My obs keeps having weird usage spikes and I can't figure out what causes them. It impacts performance randomly. I thought it was because the browser sources or Alt-tabbing, even pausing the game seems to cause it but none of those 3 produce consistant results either. Heres what I understand...
  3. S

    "Failed to open NVENC codec: Unkown error occoured" Debian 12

    Hello! I am trying to record a video with modest settings and an issue came up regarding my NVENC codec. I'm not entirely sure what caused this issue because just two days before this, I recorded a video without a hitch. I attached the logs, if you need anymore information I'll gladly provide...
  4. R

    Encoding queue duration surpassed 5 seconds, terminating encoder

    I stream Escape From Tarkov, and am running into a frequent issue. At the end of every round my game briefly becomes unresponsive for a few seconds (the game then continues running normally), I then receive the following error message below, my Twitch stream immediately ends but the recording to...
  5. YOGA47

    is 1650 super enough for p6

    is 1650 super enough for 2nd pc build. Anyone use 1650 super for quality p6 1080p 60, gpu usage ? Or 2060
  6. D

    UHD 770 on i5 12500 or NVENC on RTX 3050?

    I play my games on my PS5. I want to record my gameplay at 1440p/4K 60fps. I want to build a dedicated recording PC. Should I use UHD 770 on Core i5 12500 or NVENC on RTX 3050 for the encoder? I already have 16GB DDR4 3200 and Gen3 NVMe SSD Also tell me the reason is a good idea! Thank you!
  7. I

    OBS Replay stops Randomly with "Unknown Error"

    The OBS Replay Function Works fine most of the time, however every 1 or 2 hours the recording crashes and cant be restarted until OBS is completely closed and reopened. This does not happen when sitting idly on the desktop. Apparently some kind of significant 3d accellerated workload is needed...
  8. cinatit

    NVENC breaks after suspend using an NVIDIA GPU

    When I first installed OBS it worked perfectly, until I suspend my computer, then it stopped working. After a reboot it came back to work, and stopped again after another suspension. That's a constant behavior: it stops working after every suspension, only works again after a reboot. How to...
  9. O

    With NVIDIA GT 730 no hardware encoding option

    Bellow are my graphics card specs with drivers installed on Windows 22H2, build 19045.2965. Tried to set the options recommended for older windows 10, but there is no integrated... option: In the Windows settings I was able to set the advanced graphics setting to high performance for obs. I...
  10. AboutSelphy

    Nvidia Encoder Error (NV_ENC_EERR_INVALID_PARAM)

    Hallo Guys. I have a big problem Current Situation: I use a Dualsetup for Streaming/Recording I use 2 OBS Instances for this and both with Nvenc Curruntly i have Stream, Recording, Replaybuffer and VirtualCam Running. OBS Settings: OBS STREAMING (Instance 1) V29.0.2: Encoder - H264...
  11. D

    Tesla K80 for streaming

    I am currently running a 2 pc setup for my stream. The streaming PC is a Dell Precision 3610 running an Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2 @ 3.50 GHz, with an AMD FirePro W5000 as my current graphics adapter and an external capture card to get video from the gaming pc. What I want to know is if adding a...
  12. kanciapagamingroom

    NVENC streaming Preset and Multipass Mode - what settings are correct for streaming?

    Hi! I want to ask about these two settings: - Preset - Multipass mode I use NVENC and Preset P5: Slow (Good Quality) and for Multipass I use Single Pass. What are the correct settings for streaming? Is there anything we should be guided by when choosing these options? Is it a big diference...
  13. B

    NVENC crash crashes OBS

    When using the NVENC patch to remove the artificial concurrent encoding streams limit (https://github.com/keylase/nvidia-patch) NVENC sometimes crashes which OBS doesn't catch but crash itself. OBS can do nothing to work around this issue but it can atleast catch the error and show a more...
  14. sandrix

    Disabling look-ahead does not disable adaptive b-frames on presets P6, P7 tune hq (NVENC H.264)

    Hi! We are talking about NVENC H.264. I noticed that when selecting the P6 and P7 Tune HQ presets, the look-ahead and adaptive b-frames are enabled, whether look-ahead is enabled or not. This happens not only in OBS, but in FFmpeg, I checked it. Looks like it's provided by Nvidia. I want to...
  15. arf20

    Build ffmpeg for NVENC support in debian

    These are the steps to build a ffmpeg deb package with NVENC support to make hardware acceleration available for OBS Required an nVIDIA card with a reasonably updated driver Install nv encoder headers matching your driver: git clone --branch <version branch>...
  16. Victor1990


    core 7 12700k videocard 3080ti, windows 10. could please somebody tell me why one i noticed my obs without NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new) option? here is only NVIDIA NVENC H.264 and x264. please answer asap. i have reinstalled nvidia driver and obs
  17. K

    Only "old" Nvenc encoder seeable in latest version of OBS

    Hey, I have the problem that my OBS (28.0.3) x64 version only allows the "old" NVENC encoder to choose. I have a GTX 1660 SUPER and normally it should shows the "NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new)" but in my case it only shows the "NVIDIA NVENEC H.264" encoder. I have no idea why it do that and OBS is...
  18. M

    Poor Nvenc Performance / X264 Good Performance

    GPU: ASUS TUF RTX3070 CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X OBS: 28.0.3 Internet: 1Gig Down / 35MB Up Note: This is a Stand Alone PC For Steaming I am having poor performance while streaming when using the Nvenc encoder in OBS. I can let OBS self optimize and the steaming quality is poor regardless what...
  19. E

    Why not could access iGPU encoder with main VGA

    I have broadcast system like below Ryzen 7 5700G B550 barebone (Elitemini B550) RTX3070 AORUS Master My record setting by CQP with NVENC HEVE for editing video quality i got 70 to over 90 percentage usage of encode engine RTX3070 occurs frame skip problem on NVENC encoding for broadcast to...
  20. A

    GTX 745 NVENC for 4K 60fps recording

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy Elgato 4K60 Pro Mk2 I am going to use it to record my PS5 gameplay, so it is a dedicated recording PC My current GPU is GTX 745, I believe it is a Maxwell chip with 4th gen Nvenc Can any of you guys tell me if this Nvenc will be strong enough able to record decent...