1. L

    OBS Studio NVENC going to 0 bitrate when playing games that uses GPU Scaling.

    Hello everyone, I'm having problems with OBS studio when live streaming with NVENC and play games that uses 4:3 resolution. On NVIDIA Control Panel, I use the GPU scaling so my 4:3 games apear as 4:3 to me (not stretched to the 16:9 resolution of the monitor). But recently, when open or close...
  2. DayGeckoArt

    NVENC actually uses a lot of GPU resources and watts

    The premise of NVENC is to handle video encoding without impacting game performance much. There's a lot of discussion on the internet about the computer resources used by NVENC in various forums, blogs, Youtube videos, etc and the general consensus seems to be that it does use a bit of CPU and...
  3. F

    Error when start recording:

    NVENC Error: init_session: nv.nvEncOpenEncodeSessionEX(&params, &params, &enc->session) failed: 20 (NV_ENC_ERR_GENERIC) When I prees Start Recording button Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/ZkVJD3jNfkpL71Dv
  4. D

    Skipped frames with low cpu usage on x264 encoder.

    I am having issues with skipped frames on x264 even though my CPU usage is 4% on the OBS stats panel, and with the task manager the CPU output is less than 8%. I did a bunch of live stream tests on a private twitch account and I was able to get everything to run smoothly on the Slow preset with...
  5. webstylepress

    OBS Failed to Load NVIDIA NVENC H.264 Encoder After Recent T600 Update

    I updated software for graphics card NVIDIA T600 - now version is 511.09 OBS stopped showing NVENC Encoder in Settings > Output. Now I have selected x264 encoder. Log file is https://obsproject.com/logs/toE4_XUKl4zeTRMJ Please help. I want my NVENC encoder back in OBS settings.
  6. L

    I need help Geforce 940MX GDDR5 Enable Nvenc

    English I want to ask you how to activate nvenc but only that it can be previewed in settings> output> advanced since my graph I already know that it cannot use nvenc but I would like to see it I have seen that modifying the file obs-studio / plugins / obs-ffmpeg / obs-ffmpeg.c On the line 44...
  7. L

    OBS and GPU crash after change of scene

    Hey guys, first of all sorry for my english, i tried my best :) The Problem: I started streaming 2 Weeks ago and i can start my stream with zero problems. I can change the scene and play like hours in a game without any problems. But as soon i close the game esspecially League of Legends in...
  8. F

    Why OBS is using a significant amount of CPU when using NVENC?

    From my understanding, the composition of the different sources is done on the GPU and it's also the case for the encoding (NVENC) so what is left on the CPU? I have a CPU bottleneck so I would like to know how I can influence the CPU consumption of OBS knowing I'm using NVENC encoding
  9. F

    Does streaming and recording at the same time use more CPU when using NVENC?

    using recording quality same as stream or different quality. Is it just asking more work to the encoder (on the GPU) or is it doing more work on the CPU too?
  10. D

    How far NVENC can go for recording gameplay locally

    We all know our recording capability with x264 encoder is pretty much defined by our CPU. It's core, it's number of core, it's clock speed etc. But what about NVENC? Let's say Turing Gen here Does NVENC works alone without taking a single NVIDIA GPU cores resources? If this is the case, it...
  11. S

    The 2 monitor, single PC game stutter problem (ongoing)

    Hello there, So I have this ongoing issue that I have scoured the net for and the only fix I have found is not suitable. Let me explain. I am using a single PC setup for streaming/replay buffering. Specs are 3080ti, 5800x, 16gb ram 3200hz. Using Nvenc New. So, fairly high end. P.s I have...
  12. V

    Ingame performance laggy while Streaming

    Hi there! Recently i noticed that while im streaming i get big frames loss and bit lag ingame, like Valorant i run 200+fps off streamand while on stream i can only get 100/120 and very inconsisten, another example is Fifa 22, while on stream the game has a lot of lag for some reason I have a RTX...
  13. C

    NVENC Error in POP OS 21.04 (ubuntu)

    i switched to linux a few days ago, i used nvenc in windows no problems at all but when i try using it on linux i just cant already tried flatpak installation, snap installation, reinstalling the os, building ffmpeg directly from source i have a gtx 1050ti | NVIDIA-SMI 470.57.02 Driver...
  14. T

    "Failed to start output. It's possible that encoder doesn't start." Error on youtube RTMP

    Hi guys, I get the above error when using multiple RTMPs to stream a webinar. This appears to only be for youtube RTMPs and appears fix if I switch back to using x264 encoder instead of "NVIDIA NVENC h.264 (New)". Again the error only applies to youtube - I output to several facebook RTMPs, and...
  15. MajorDrumKill

    2 PC setup question (Encoding)

    TL;DR - With a 2 PC Setup, is using RTX Nvenc (new) as the encoder on the dedicated machine still a better option than x264 with a high end CPU such as the 3900x? Hello everyone! Apologies on not being able to provide a log, I am currently at work and decided out of the blue to post this. I...
  16. Katzenwerfer

    Influence of settings for NVENC lossless recording

    I sometimes record my games losslessly using NVENC to re-encode later without losing a lot of quality I've read that some settings (look-ahead, PVT and B-frames) can improve quality if you are using CBR, CQP and VBR, but I'm not really sure if they actually make a difference when doing lossless...
  17. G

    need Hints to reduce Stress on Cpu Because of own-made Overlay

    Hi, first of all: im a Streamer since 3 months and i love it❤ now the Problem: I made my very own Overylay with GIMP and Davinci Resolve Fusion. I made some Panels with Animated Backroung and Finally a big Gameframe with an animation. I was scared how big such files can be. The Frame has a...
  18. K

    100% CPU every time I run OBS.

    Yes, I read the pinned post. Nothing stood out to me as an obvious cause, though I am admittedly not an expert and I may have missed something. Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/pSdjTypucevj-pTj i7 4790K RTX 3070 StarTech PEXHDCAP PCI-E Capture Card (supports up to 1080i30p) 32GB RAM...
  19. H

    CPU making stream latency increase to unbearably long even while using NVENC(new)

    Thanks in advance for any help! Specs: i5 7500, 16gb RAM, GTX 1070, Windows 10 (log file is before i updated windows but just to note i still have all the same issues now that im up to date) OBS settings: Streaming at 720p 30fps (was on 60 fps but i dropped it down to make sure that wasnt a...
  20. D

    Streaming PC has single period of High CPU usage then goes back to normal

    Hello everyone, I've had this issues for awhile now and have yet to figure out the exact root of the problem. I'm running a dual PC set up with the streaming pc composed of a i5 4690k OC at 4.27 gHz and a GTX 960. I can stream for several hours without any issue, CPU usage running around...