Why not could access iGPU encoder with main VGA


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I have broadcast system like below
Ryzen 7 5700G
B550 barebone (Elitemini B550)
RTX3070 AORUS Master

My record setting by CQP with NVENC HEVE for editing video quality
i got 70 to over 90 percentage usage of encode engine RTX3070
occurs frame skip problem on NVENC encoding for broadcast to twitch (6Mbps, Low-Latency Quality) with recording
so i need Rageon iGPU (AMF) encoder power of 5700G, and i find AMF encoder selection seen before attach RTX3070
but it is gone from encoder selection list, i googled this problem and i got this thread
does not available to use both encoders AMF of iGPU and NVENC of VGA same time currently OBS.
but i found AMF encoder selection under settings of Multiple output plugin
it listed together NVENC and that is available encode together recording by NVENC
that works well same time.
and iGPU Video codec usage is under half on encoding 12Mbps 1440p straming for youtube
but i can not use accessible remaining encoding power AMF of iGPU for twitch streaming
my streaming output encoder options is only x264 S/W encoder using CPU resouce or NVENC take unstable output.

it is not only my problem
I expect many peoples has same problem but it is same happening on OBS 28.0.2
we need multiple encoder option in mixed GPU environment.


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