1. B

    New PC - Encoding error at every stream - Seems like I can't find any answer

    Hello everyone, Recently switched from Mac to PC to be able to stream correctly on Twitch, but at each and every stream, OBS just randomly displays the "Encoding error" and it can be 3h into the stream or 5 minutes in; withouth any noticeable problem. Once this error arises, I cannot start...
  2. C

    GPU or CPU Streaming/Recording?

    Should I be using x264, H264/AVC, or H265/HEVC? Specs: Radeon RX 5700 XT Ryzen 7 3700x 4 x 8gb @ 3200mhz
  3. MajorDrumKill

    2 PC setup question (Encoding)

    TL;DR - With a 2 PC Setup, is using RTX Nvenc (new) as the encoder on the dedicated machine still a better option than x264 with a high end CPU such as the 3900x? Hello everyone! Apologies on not being able to provide a log, I am currently at work and decided out of the blue to post this. I...
  4. D


    I been having issues with obs. I start recording and finish my recording i wanna start a new recording but obs wont allow me too only way i can record again or stream again is if i close obs i am using h264 avc encoder amd advanced media framework. gpu 6900xt & cpu ryzen 9 5950x
  5. C

    Stream crashed! Error message was "An encoder error occurred while streaming"

    Hello! I'm fairly new to OBS. I was streaming on Twitch and everything seemed to be going really well when all of a sudden both of my monitors went black. Computer was still running, too. Then when the displays came back on, my stream was crashed with the error message "An encoder error occurred...
  6. V

    Low CPU usage but dropping frames below 30 FPS

    I've tried every combination of settings and read all the forum posts I can here to troubleshoot, but I am totally stumped. Here is the last log file of the OBS recording that was going well for a few minutes around 5-10% CPU usage but this will happen for a bit and then the recording suddenly...
  7. FancyGeronimo

    Heavy Encoder Issues Starting 05-28-21

    Hello All, Im a small streamer looking for help resolving some issues with my Encoder overloading during stream and possibly some other issues. On the day in the title, I had a particularly rough stream: encorder overloaded error, the game (Nuclear Throne) was lagging, then eventually the...
  8. U

    AMD Encoder no longer shows up

    My AMD encoder is what I use for encoding because I have a low-end cpu, my GPU is a Radeon RX580, I used to be able to use the encoder but after resetting my pc it disappeared, also I don't know how to get the logs so if you need them, tell me where they're located, thank you
  9. A

    Can't find encoder in the steam settings, everything is laggy.

    Hi all, I really want to just record game time through obs I have customised some settings in attempts to make the video output not laggy, but my actual in game is also super laggy when I have OBS running and I cannot find my Nvidia encoder either so having to use the x264. Below I have attached...
  10. LIMPIX31

    AMD (radeon) encoder missing

    Russian language ========================== Я использую две видеокарты AMD (ATI) radeon hd 5830. Bandicam замечательно кодирует изображение через видеокарту, а вот OBS не хочет. Я просто не вижу кодировщик AMD в списке, только x264. Вот что я сделал чтобы попробовать исправить это: 1. Обновил...
  11. C

    OBS Failed to start recording

    Hi I'm trying to record on OBS. I've used it successfully before many times but lately, when I hit record I'm getting the following message: I'm using the H264/AVC Encoder (AMD Advanced Media Framework). The research I've done tells me to change the Encoder to x264 and just use the CPU...
  12. CheeseCake

    Very low frame rate using FFMPEG VAAPI encoder ( < 1 fps )

    Hi all, Artix Linux user here with RX 5700 XT and up-to-date AMDGPU drivers. I have been streaming / recording using obs for the past few month and everything was working fine until recently (I noticed this issue about two weeks ago when I started recording again), obs started to produce very...
  13. B

    Warzone Lag whilst Streaming

    Hi. So I have been streaming Warzone for over a month now and have had an issue ever since I started. When I'm not streaming Warzone my game runs super smooth at around 100 FPS, and when I start streaming my game runs fine. However after playing a few games my game takes a complete U-turn...
  14. E

    Recommended encoder settings for R3 3100 and RX580?

    So I've been playing around with OBS for a little while now, and have been struggling to find a sweet spot. I'm looking to record in 1080p/60fps but can't seem to find any stable enough settings for either x264 or H264/265. My system is as follows: Ryzen 3 3100 @ 3.8Ghz RX580 8GB (OC)...
  15. Steven4547466

    NVENC Encoder crash

    Hello, I've been getting a weird error recently. It happens almost every time I stream, but at random times throughout the stream. I just get an encoder error that completely crashes obs. Here's the relevant logs: 16:16:51.736: ==== Streaming Start...
  16. Z

    An encoder error occurred while streaming.

    Hi all, I was streaming Don't Starve Together and all of a sudden the game basically crashed. It also stopped my stream too, so when I clicked the "Start Streaming" button an error window appeared showing "An encoder error occurred while streaming.". I was able to start streaming again after I...
  17. S

    Encodierungsfehler (Nvenc new)

    Hallo, Mein System: AMD Ryzen 3800x Geforce 1070TI 32GB 3200Mhz HDD,SSD,M2SSD Internet ist 1000MBps Down und 50MBps Up OBS Studio Einstellungen(Bildanhang) ich habe folgendes Problem beim Versuch zu streamen (keine Aufnahme benötigt). Über x264 funktioniert alles, würde aber gerne NVENC...
  18. F

    How to configure for NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 GPU?

    My work computer was optimized for graphics and streaming and has the following specs: CPU - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700 CPU @ 2.90GHz GPU 0 - Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 GPU 1 - NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 This is for live church services and classical music concerts - so not a lot of movement...
  19. C

    [Bug Report] If nvenc becomes unavailable, the encoder stays as nvenc and it isn't possible to change it.

    So last year I borrowed a friends GTX 750, and on December I decided to give it back and get a GT 1030 for myself. OBS became uncapable of streaming with the typical "Failed to initialize video", but it could record videos. Turns out that the 1030 doesn't have NVENC support. The configuration...
  20. M

    No AMD Encoder

    Hey guys, I use a laptop with AMD A12-9720P RADEON R7, 12 COMPUTE CORES 4C+8G (4 CPUs), ~2.7GHz. I basically use it for Just Chatting and reacting streams because I know it won't be able to stream games with this setup. OBS is not displaying the encoder and I am assuming it has one because...