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My intel laptop (UHD graphics) has both QuickSync H.264 and HEVC encoders in hardware. When viewing the output section in settings using advanced mode both hardware encoders show up, but when I switch over to simple mode only the H.264 hardware encoder shows up. Why?

I really like the intuitiveness and ease of use of simple mode, and it has come a long way over the years now with the ability to configure audio tracks. It has everything I could want- Except the ability to shoot in HEVC for a more efficient storage solutions when shooting long videos.

I have tried my way around advanced mode but I really don't like messing with all the abstract settings like Multipass, Keyframes, B-frames, Profile etc. and I'm afraid that I'm either throwing away performance or making something turn out wrong.

Is it possible to make the HEVC encoder show up in simple mode? or is the absence of it perhaps an oversight or for some other reason?