1. qualabs

    OBS AMD AMA Plugin 0.0.1

    About This plugin enables Hardware Acceleration encoding in AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265 and AV1 using the AMD Alveo™️ MA35D. Pre Requisites In order to use the plugin it is necessary to have the following requirements on your PC: Linux Ubuntu 22.04 OS with Kernel version 5.15.0-92 or greater At...
  2. N

    OBS 30.1.2 Video Encoder Settings for Recording on a MacBook Pro Silicon M1

    Hi, I recently upgraded from OBS 28 to 30.1.2 and now see all kinds of other video encoders and codec options for recording. Since this version is so new, the options I see don't match any of the discussions/tutorials online I've come across. I previously recorded with Apple H264 Hardware...
  3. C

    Ideal encoding settings for real-life content

    Hi, I'm streaming a show that uses a hardware vision mixer to mix cameras together, then OBS will stream this and any other videos we wish to play to YouTube. We have an i5 13600k and RTX 3060Ti. How can I ensure that I am getting the highest quality possible, particularly for irl content...
  4. HunterStarcraftTeamplay

    Dropped Frames when 4K 60Hz AV1 Streaming to YouTube

    Hello, I am a 'Starcraft Remasterd' YouTube streamer living in Korea (ISP : KT) From on 2024.02.07 I encounterd a problem on bitrate goes to virtually 0 issue (100kbps or below) and frames go to 0 litteraly. Before than I did not encounterd a single problem almost a 1 yaer. <My previous...
  5. L

    QuickSync HEVC not showing up in simple view

    My intel laptop (UHD graphics) has both QuickSync H.264 and HEVC encoders in hardware. When viewing the output section in settings using advanced mode both hardware encoders show up, but when I switch over to simple mode only the H.264 hardware encoder shows up. Why? I really like the...
  6. Fan4eG

    wheres HEVC?

    Good afternoon. I have OBS version 29.1.3 and I would like to know where the HEVC encoder function disappeared? Why I have only h.264 left? is that supposed to be the case, or am I missing something? thanks
  7. D

    Compression ratio of H264 versus H265

    I had some problems recording a video in H265. That got solved, it had something to do with my work laptop. Now I'm trying this out on my private laptop and I can even see HEVC in the simple output options. First of all I was puzzled by the fact that when I select HEVC in simple output setting...
  8. G

    NVENC error

    Since I have uninstalled Geforce Experience a couple of days ago I get this error whenever I want to record in HEVC. Recording in h.264 works fine with the NVENC encoder
  9. J

    No HEVC Encoder Option

    Stream Service is set to YouTube - HLS. Server is set to Primary YouTube ingest server. YouTube side is set to receive an HLS stream. Under Output/Encoder only NVIDIA NVENC H.264 and x264 show up. RTX 3060 on Windows 11. HEVC codecs installed from Microsoft Store. If I select "Custom" for...
  10. S

    OBS 28 - No HEVC streaming encoder option?

    Hi all, In the 27 build of OBS, I could have sworn there was an option under Settings > Output > Streaming > Encoder - which read "Hardware (NVENC, HEVC)". Was this never the case? In version 28 (and now I'm on v28.0.3)It's available to me as a recording encoder, but not for...
  11. Tuna

    VAAPI Encoder 0.4.1

    GStreamer based VAAPI encoder implementation. Taken out of the GStreamer OBS plugin as a standalone plugin. Simply because the FFMPEG VAAPI implementation shows performance bottlenecks on some AMD hardware.
  12. P

    NVENC: is it possible to record two 4k monitors (7680 x 2160p) at 60 fps smoothly?

    Hello, I have two 4k monitors that I want to record side-by-side within a 7680 x 2160p canvas, no gaming, just desktop graphics (charts and text), is an RTX 3050 sufficient for this purpose? No streaming, just recording. HDD space is not an issue. I have attached logs from the attempts I've...
  13. MaPitelli

    H265 video file recorded with OBS won't play in QT and Finder

    Hi, I'm trying to record videos in OBS using the custom output, mov format, hevc_videotoolbox encoder and I can reproduce the files from Google Drive, VLC or Davinci for example, but I can't reproduce them using Finder or QuickTime. Does anybody know why this happens and how to fix it so I can...
  14. C

    AMD GPU Hardware Encoder 0.1.0

    OBS ships with an existing AMD GPU encoder which is sadly outdated and unmaintained. This plugin is a rewrite of the original fixing several bugs in the process. As an additional feature it supports texture based encoding which makes GPU encoding even less CPU intensive. In it's current state...
  15. R

    How to get AMD AMF HEVC x265 Encoder working on Ubuntu 20.04? VAAPI does not work.

    Hello, I am trying to get my AMD GPU Radeon Pro WX 2100 to do the HEVC x265 encoding when recording. I do not see any kind of option available for AMD AMF encoder on OBS Studio 25.0.3+dfsg1-2(Linux) installed on Ubuntu 20.04. OBS Studio 27.1.3 works perfectly on WIndows with the AMD AMF HEVC...
  16. B

    File contains no video data?

    I'm using the HEVC encoder and when it records just fine, I can open it in the media player and everything. But when I try putting it into my editing software (Corel Videostudio x10) it says that the file contains no video data. FLV and TS file types import just fine, but why don't MP4 and MOV...
  17. D

    Problem with hevc/avc recordings

    Guys, I’m having a nightmare while recording any gameplay.. I’ve tried all settings that I can imagine, and it looks fine while I’m playing, but when the file is saved, or converted to mp4, both videos are freezing all the time.. And strange enough, it just happens with the game window, cuz my...
  18. N

    HEVC with T2 chip?

    I've been trying to record using the HEVC format that is supported to encode and decode in macOS using the T2 chip and also the new AMD graphic cards, however I'm not being able to set it up correctly, the footage it's just non reproducible and I'm not being able to import it later in Final Cut...
  19. K

    Question / Help codec comparable to xdcam for recording?

    (i thought i posted this already today, but i don't see it amywhere... so maybe i forgot to actually confirm the post??) system specs: windows 10 v1909 amd ryzen 9 3900x (clocked to 4.1 ghz) gigabyte auros 570 mobo evga nvida rtx 2060 super 32gb crucial 3200 mhz ram 4 samsung 1tb 860 evo ssd...
  20. FabecS

    Question / Help Using NVENC HEVC

    Hello, I noticed that for the recordings I'm using NVENC H.264 (new) as the encoder but I learned that HEVC encoder is the best and since I have a RTX 2060 super I think I'm capable of using such encoder but I can't find it when choosing between the options. Any idea why?