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    QuickSync HEVC not showing up in simple view

    My intel laptop (UHD graphics) has both QuickSync H.264 and HEVC encoders in hardware. When viewing the output section in settings using advanced mode both hardware encoders show up, but when I switch over to simple mode only the H.264 hardware encoder shows up. Why? I really like the...
  2. O

    Simple zooming in/out firmware

    hi folks, I am a NB here and very much appreciate the help. I am looking for a simple background tool to let me digitally zoom in/out, in other words, to increase/decrease the field of vision. OBS studio is MORE than capable of doing this, but it has a huge footprint. Are there any tools (Open...
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    Simple to advanced settings

    I am using OBS to record videos. I am using simple mode at the moment but wanting to use advanced for multiple audio tracks. I just wanna get recording settings correct. I am using Nvenc H.264 and Indistinguishable Quality. What do I put in all the settings on advanced to get the same quality...
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    Free The simplest countdown timer

    I've been using some countdown timers from here but I was wondering about something really simple. Therefore, I made it! You do not need to download/install anything. 1- Just go to this url: 2- Set up your counter 3- By pressing the button, you will be redirected to...
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    Free Tidal Simple Song Grabber (Windows Only) 2019-06-02

    I decided to make a tool to grab song names from Tidal to use with OBS labels since the only one that exists only worked with the web browser and costs money. In order to use the tool, simply click enable and a file titled "CurrentSongDetails.txt" will be created in the same location as the .exe...