1. E

    Why not could access iGPU encoder with main VGA

    I have broadcast system like below Ryzen 7 5700G B550 barebone (Elitemini B550) RTX3070 AORUS Master My record setting by CQP with NVENC HEVE for editing video quality i got 70 to over 90 percentage usage of encode engine RTX3070 occurs frame skip problem on NVENC encoding for broadcast to...
  2. G

    AMF Encoder low bitrate problem - AMD RX6700XT

    Hello everyone, i sadly have the following problem, no matter what i try the bitrate of the output file is only a fraction of what it should be and so the video quality is abysmal. Here are more details: After reading the log with debug mode on, i have found several errors regarding the...
  3. C

    Could not find VCE/AMF Encoder

    I clicked encoder and a drop down menu appears. However, there is only the option for x264, no VCE AMF. How do I fix this? AMD A8-5500B APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 3.20GHz AMD Radeon HD 7560D 8 GB RAM 64-bit operating system log file:
  4. P

    Recent "Encoding Overloaded" Error with AMF "No Output Packet"

    Good evening, this is my first post. I've recently been running into an issue that disconnects my stream without any warning other than seeing that my upload is 0 kb/s and "encoder overloaded". Changing settings doesn't do anything and the only to get things working again is to quit out of OBS...
  5. B

    encoder amf not working

    my obs not found amd encoder pls help, I have tried everything
  6. J

    Question / Help Starting the output failed (AMF)

    Hello, I've been having this problem where I get the: 'Starting the output failed' error. Things I've tried to fix this problem: - Update GPU drivers - Changed almost all settings (Could've missed one tho not sure) - Tried x264 (Which works but as you can probably see my CPU is pretty old and...
  7. B

    Question / Help AMD hardware encoder says 'Live' but 0kbps

    Hi team, Never had this problem until installing a new Radeon 5600 XT two days ago in which I can't stream using GPU anymore. Intel i5 Radeon 5600 XT (previously Radeon R7 265 which didn't have this problem) 16gb ram Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit - Software x264 works fine and streams with the...
  8. U

    Question / Help x264 encoder blacks out PC

    I can't stream with the x264 encoder. About 5 minutes in, my keyboard and mouse turn off, and my monitor loses signal. I have to restart my computer to regain control. Here is a log file. I am able to stream and record with the AMF encoder without...
  9. E

    Question / Help error AMF_OPENCL_FAILED (pls help)

    So I'm new to the recording and I was going to try recording but then I got this error: AMF_OPENCL_FAILED (code 19). Any help is welcome. Specs: 16gb @3200mhz Rx 580 R7 2700x @4Ghz Log attached
  10. Copyrx

    Pixel distortion in rx 5700 broadcast

    Hello I've been an AMD user for a long time. But the last time I bought the video card I'm very sad as a link to leave the reason. Please provide an update as soon as possible. RX 570 Stream 720p30 Quality 3000 Bitrate...
  11. A

    Question / Help Why is the AMD Encoder Performance so Poor?

    Hi all, new forum user here and amateur OBS user. I'd like to ask, quite plainly, why is the AMD x264 encoder's performance in OBS so poor? I've been attempting to use OBS for local replays with the AMD encoder, and I'm always met with an overloaded encoder which skips and stutters. Naturally...
  12. C

    Question / Help AMF H265 periodic quality drop when using latency constrained VBR

    Hello, I've been scratching my head for months now trying to solve this issue but no matter what I do, I cant get it fixed. I'm recording 1080p60 and every 60th frame is blurry in some parts of that frame and it's very noticable. Reason I use VBRLAT instead of normal VBR is cuz the latter...
  13. Xaymar

    AMD Hardware Encoder(s) [Deleted]

    Ever wanted to use the Hardware AMD H264 and H265/HEVC encoders in OBS Studio? Well now you can! This plugin adds full support for both into OBS Studio, with both a simple and advanced UI for the casual and power user. It is built upon the GPUOpen Advanced Media Framework SDK and thanks to a...