1. A

    an encoder error while recording

    so its been 2 weeks since i open my laptop and record a video, today i tried to record again and suddenly i got a "an encoder error while recording" message. i was using the previous version of obs, then i tried to update the obs but still getting the same message. i was doing fine recording my...
  2. S

    obs stuttering while stream!

    Hi guys, i'm italian and not speak english very well...my setting are: cpu: ryzen 7 3700x gpu: gtx 1070 (i wait 3080.......) ram: ddr4 32gb 3200mhz Windows 10 64bit motherboard: x570 aorus elite monitor: lg27gl850 144hz g sync monitor and second monitor for chat, obs, asus 144hz fullhd my obs...
  3. H

    NVENC error

    Hello, I have a recurrent problem with the start of the recording. An error message comes up that says: "NVENC Error: init:encoder: nvEncGetEncodePresetConfig failed: 15 (NV_ENC_ERR_INVALID_VERSION)". I checked my video card's properties and drivers and those should be fine. I don't know how...
  4. Chrionz

    Blocky Quality with proper Bitrate?

    So, pulling my hair out a bit. I have a dual PC setup with an HD60 Pro in the streaming PC. Along with 16gb of Ram, i7 6700k, and a 1660 TI. I use Nvenc as it seems that is what is best for streaming on these days and I stream at 720p 60fps. Nvenc settings are: Max Quality 5k bitrate High...
  5. S

    Nvenc New broken?

    OBS Streamlabs Nvenc New works flawlessly but OBS Studio Nvenc New has a horrible stutter in recordings at the same settings. Is this a known issue? I've tested it on a fully cleaned system as well as my own system and the issue is still there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II7YqWMm0FM...
  6. S

    AVX nvenc

    If i use nvenc does having AVX cpu extension matter at all?
  7. L

    OBS crash (log included)

    Hi all, in order to help the devs, I want to post my crash log here. I set everything up to capture my (single) display on the laptop (Win 8.1, nVidia 840M graphics) together with a webcam picture (Microsoft Lifecam HD) embedded on the top right. Before the crash I had successfully recorded...
  8. RayvissLV

    My GPU in OBS isn't showing up

    OBS isn't detecting my graphics card so I can't run my stream on Nvenc encoder, but I can run it on the x264 encoder. Can someone help, please? Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/7NH2m3x3z9TTTWTB
  9. A

    Core i5 10600 or Ryzen 7 3700X??

    I am going to buy a new PC. For the graphic I am going to pick Nvidia Ampere later. For the processor, this one is the tricky one. I read so many article and forum it say that recording and streaming stuff will demand more CPU core They say the theory is that more core means better performance...
  10. S

    Current video card driver does not support this NVENC version, please update your drivers.

    Hi, Recently whenever I try to stream with my encoder set to Hardware (NVENC) I am unable to start and recieve the error message: "Failed to start streaming Failed to open NVENC codec: Function not implemented Please check your video drivers are up to date." I am able to stream if I set my...
  11. M

    Rendering/Encoding Lag while Streaming with NVENC

    Awhile ago I posted on here about lag that I was getting when playing certain games like COD. I've accepted the fact that I will get rendering/encoding lag with a game like that, as other games didn't have that problem. For example, I can stream Overwatch and get little-to-no frame loss. But...
  12. fac3thew1nd

    I stream perfectly fine on Streamlabs OBS. I use OBS Studio to record videos without streaming, w/ laggy playback, stutter, with seemingly no cause.

    As the title suggests, I stream perfectly fine on Streamlabs OBS. I am attempting to use OBS studio to record videos with the NVENC encoder, however no matter what I try on video settings, rescaling (or lack thereof), CQP, VBR, CBR, Lossless doesn't even let me watch the final product; I cannot...
  13. I

    Need help figuring out an NVENC new/rtx crash - (i think?)

    Hey yall, ive been having trouble with what i believe to be a crash on the rtx/new Nvenc encoder on obs studio, although im not entirely sure. Ive got both the crash and normal logs attached. One of the most notable things is that I encode both a local recording (1440p60) and encode the stream...
  14. PizzaPeter1998

    Does Canon Webcam Utility Use The NVENC Encoder?

    Just out of curiosity does anybody know if Canon's Webcam Utility Software / Driver uses the NVENC encoder to decode the DSLR's signal? I've emailed them and posted on their forums but nobody has seemed to of gottent back to me.
  15. EposVox

    Ultimate Encoder Quality Analysis 2020 (NVENC vs AMF vs QuickSync vs X264)

    After far too many requests to updated my previous X264 vs NVENC and NVENC vs AMF/VCE videos with newer AMD drivers, I've finally put together what I consider to be the ultimate package of encoder quality comparisons. This is the state of streaming encoders for 2020 and where each stands on a...
  16. neyuru

    Failed to open NVENC

    Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/umz6OtUIUCJqZW4B The video is shown in the capture preview screen but cannot record using NVENC. My card is in the supported matrix (Quadro RTX 4000). When I switch to software recording (x264) the error goes away but the recording has no video, only audio.
  17. O

    h265 in MKV

    It would be really fantastic to have access to h265, particularly nvenc, in MKV. Some popular programs like VLC seem to be supporting it now, is there any chance it could come to OBS any time soon?
  18. K

    Question / Help codec comparable to xdcam for recording?

    (i thought i posted this already today, but i don't see it amywhere... so maybe i forgot to actually confirm the post??) system specs: windows 10 v1909 amd ryzen 9 3900x (clocked to 4.1 ghz) gigabyte auros 570 mobo evga nvida rtx 2060 super 32gb crucial 3200 mhz ram 4 samsung 1tb 860 evo ssd...
  19. PizzaPeter1998

    Question / Help Can't Get Modern Warfare Working In OBS

    For some reason I keep on having issues with trying to capture Modern Warfare with OBS and I don't know why. I'm having problems streaming it as well as recording it (not at the same time). I keep on getting skipped frames due to rendering and encoding lag all the time and I'm not sure what to...
  20. PizzaPeter1998

    Question / Help Having Problems Capturing Modern Warfare

    For some reason the NVENC encoder isn't provide a stable 60fps and I don't know why. All my other games work perfectly but for some reason with MW it just won't work. It keeps on skipping frames and missing them. I thought it was a NVENC session limit that was causing it but I'm still getting...